Truths of Becoming


Loving him was a poison. The sweet one. His loved fucked her up. Or maybe, his ignorance. He destroyed her to the point of no return, till the time she couldn't breathe anymore. Knowing that he never loved her, sucked out the oxygen from her lungs. Knowing that he doesn't care anymore gave fire in her chest. Maybe she didn't know how to see the world without him. And maybe that is why, she fell. 
She fell down, and never imagined that she could ever return. She was abandoned.

But in the end, her wings sprouted and she survived the storm she was always scared of. 
Not for him, but for herself. She came back. 

There were millions of words, but none of them could really describe what she went through. But it just killed her when she realized that there is no place on earth where she could feel better. But, she wanted to glow, just like those shooting stars. She wanted to shine. 

Never giving someone a second chance because second chances are for those who deserve. And not for those who take it for granted. 

So, this is done for today. The plot was a lil monotonous, but I hope you all like it.
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Published by Stuti Pandey


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