SEO Reseller: How To Sell SEO Like A Champion

SEO Reseller How To Sell SEO Like A Champion

SEO Reseller: How To Sell SEO Like A Champion

May 19, 2021, 11:43:55 AM Business

Thanks to the growing demand for digital marketing, which has led to the demand for SEO services. However, considering that most of the agencies cannot provide all the SEO services, these agencies collaborate and outsource it to SEO resellers. 


As an SEO reseller there are certain things that you need to have that would make you indispensable. Want to know what??? Here you go:


  1. Do your research: Knowing your prospective client before you meet him/her is essential to crack the deal. Therefore, a bit of research about the business the client is into is a must. When we say research, it includes, knowing the brand, its journey, analysis of the existing digital presence, making a note of what better can be done, etc are some of the things that you should try to make a note of before meeting the client. This will help make the client that you are capable and also that you are looking forward to serving the client. 
  2. Be an expert: Most of the times, you may think that to be an SEO reseller, you need to know it all. However, the fact is that you may not know everything about SEO but knowing the core principles of the trade, can take you a long way. In other words, you need to know what's your strength, should be able to explain the same to your clients and lastly, be able to make the client understand, why having you would benefit the client. Knowing your client and making him understand that hiring you would prove to be a competitive edge is the deal-breaker.  
  3. Have a good team: In the current competitive situation, remember it's about having an experienced team that breaks the deal. As an SEO reseller, you must have a team with a combination of writers, graphic designers, technical experts and more. Along with this, you also need to build and sustain a good digital network. A digital network means having connections with other websites, social media influencers, bloggers, writers and more. These connections are essential when you are doing backlinking for your clients. 
  4. Customer is first: Make your customers feel special and wanted. In short, when you have to crack a deal, you need to make your prospective client understand what all can you do. But nowhere make them feel that you are particular and not open to customizing services for the client. Clients love when their service providers, understand their need and come up with a strategy/package tailor-made for them. Therefore, to win the deal, always provide customized solutions. For this, you need to first understand what your client wants. What's the vision of SEO. Is the client looking for revenue, brand visibility, customer engagement, more audio-visuals etc. Based on this and the budget that the client can afford, give a package. 
  5. Promise what you can deliver, Deliver what you promise: You may say that how well you perform and how defined you are to time is something that you can prove post the deal. But the fact is, your client needs to show this commitment before making the client tie up with you. Therefore, during your initial discussions, give examples and defined timelines to make your client understand how prompt and effective your working style is. 


These are some of the pre-requisites that you need to have in place when you are making a deal with a client. However, here is a checklist that you need to follow during the meeting:


  1. Let the client speak first. You have done your research and you may be absolutely ready to prove to the client that you are the best SEO reseller. But, hold on, and let the client speak first. 
  2. Yes, you know your skill but don't express it in such a way that the client feels demeaning. Therefore, keep the tone assertive and understanding. Make your client feel that you understand that he/she needs services. However, you are keen to collaborate and not exploit. 
  3. Never try to close the deal in the first meeting itself. This makes it feel that you are desperate and hungry for clients. Even if you are, hold your horses. Stay calm and act composed. Make your points, understand what the client wants but play your last shot later. Tell the client you would get back and also give the client space to think and get back. However, ensure that your closure meeting/conversation happens within a couple of days after the impact making meeting. This is because too much time can make the client think about options that may affect your deal. Therefore, close the deal within two days of the detailed discussion. 


With this checklist at your perusal, you are all set to create that impact on the client. A good team backing you and an attitude that's driving you is all you need. 

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