Hello everyone,

I recently moved to Chicago from Denver. With my skills, I thought it would be easy to get a job, but I was wrong. 

I must have applied to 20-25 jobs and was called to 11-12 interviews. Considering that I got three offers from those interviews, I guess it is not a bad thing for Chicago. I must say that I always dress professionally for job interviews, but in this case, I think wearing my hair down was not helping.

I wore the exact same outfit for all interviews. However, I could not help but notice that I wore a pony tail and glasses to the three places that made me an offer. By the way, I loved everyone I met, and the places I went to. I did good research on them before I applied, but I just have to wonder if the glasses and the hair up made a difference. 

Oops! And I just had to include a few pictures of the fishnet tights under my pants... They cheer me up!

What do you think? Has that happened to you? 

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