Hello everyone!

Fall is around the corner, so here I am. I do not love summer much, but I've missed you guys!
Before I start blogging about fall, though, I'd like to share a discussion I had with my husband the other day about weight gain.

I was complaining about not feeling like I used to a few years ago, and I know I am getting older and all, but I told him that I will start walking a couple of miles a day as I used to do and he said that I sound like I am mentally unstable because I tell him that I feel overweight.
He says that most women my age (early forties) are chubbier than me. (In two years, I have gone from a size 0, previously 00, to a size 2 and still some 0s. Overall, all my clothes still fit me comfortably.), so obviously, he says I still look very thin.

However, what I was trying to explain to him was that I do not, and really, I do not compare myself to other people. It's more about the way I feel than the way I look. So now he understands my point ( I think.)
I just want to say that I love how all of us women are so different, and then the same. Different, beautiful shapes.

This discussion was about how I feel physically. I was injured in a car accident and after putting on a few pounds, I can definitely feel more pain.

Please tell me if you can relate and share your story.

P.S. SO excited about sweater weather!! I'm baaaaaaaaack!!!!!

Much love,


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