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If you are into affordable fashion, you are probably into Zara!

I love Zara and they obviously do not need any promotion, but I thought I would share my favorite pieces right now. They go fast!

My frustration is that when they run out of sizes for items still available online and in the store, a lot of times, we can find them on eBay, but they cost us more. We will see one item listed by one seller in different sizes and just wonder if they bulk shop at Zara to sell them online more expensive and make a profit.

One place you can find them lower than eBay's prices would be Amazon. I actually have a list of my favorites on Amazon if you go here

People compliment my style a lot and many of the items I own are from Zara. Sometimes I would get comments that I like/wear expensive stuff. Not true. Mostly Zara, The Real Real, and Nordstrom Rack items. I learned from my sister to walk into a store and instantly know what I want.

Any thoughts you would like to share? Please leave your comments below.

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*Photos by Zara

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