A Query that almost "Killed" Me!

A Query that almost "Killed" Me!

I think this is a strange strange world where everything is measured by how much you spent. No matter whether it is your wardrobe or the organic food that you buy, if you pay more then the product that you get is excellent. I think it is us the Millennials who are programmed that way. I’ll give you an example. We are 3 women who go to lunch together and one among is all brand freak(I too used to be that way long ago, but now things are different). So, I was wearing platform heels one day and she asked did I get it from X brand. And I flatly said, no I just paid Rs 250 and got it from a local store. She was stunned! She told me “Ohh! I too have exactly  the same one from this brand and I paid Rs. 1750..” I didn’t know how to react to this, trust me. Should I be ashamed to get a local 250Rs slippers or should I be proud that I didn’t spend 1750 for something!!! This query question is nearly haunting me, killing me and psyching me up!!

If you ask me, I’m more of that kind of shopper who buys what she likes. Meaning if I like something for 2000Rs, I will buy it. I will also look at many places before even spending 100Rs. I know it sounds crazy, but I think, if you can buy something local and equally good, then why not?!

And somehow I have started hating to go to malls. So many people and so less choice. Fine that you have everything in one place, but come on! No fresh air and then you’ll end up eating some burger and fries that will add to your bad health. Instead, if we go look for local, we can eat local and hell! they are tasty… And now don’t tell me we girls have strange queries…! LOL

What do you think about this situation, have you been there like me and how have you handled this situation. – local or mall shopping?

Published by Su Srikanth

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