Why you need a migration agent

Why you need a migration agent

Nov 24, 2021, 8:27:01 AM Life and Styles

Are you willing to move to the land of sunshine and beaches? The visa application process is always an uphill task for anyone. That’s why many people feel they can only be safe with a migration agent. Imagine it’s your first time to even step at the embassy, and you’ve to make numerous applications, attend those interviews. They also provide immigration advice and assistance. They are registered with MARA, a part of the Home Affairs department, and with requisite licenses. 

This article focuses on the reasons why you need a migration agent

The low success rate when going alone

The visa application system for Australia is pretty strict. It’s not something you want to try alone for the first time. Anyone wrong move could lead to disqualification. Statistics show that the rate of refusals has gone up by 46%, and most of these are due to incorrect documents uploaded or lack of substantial evidence. To avoid such mistakes, you need a migration agent to do what they know best. They know what documents are required and in what format. Again, the application fee is relatively high, and if you get a refusal, you could lose a lot of money. The rejection also leaves a permanent mark on your records so that history will still haunt you if you come back later. 

The little that you pay to the migration agent cannot be compared to the much you could lose and the tainted record.

Experts have legal knowledge.

The visa application process is such a complex one. There is legal jargon used in the application, and you know very little about it. If you make some assumptions on the legal wording, you risk submitting your application with so many gaps, which increases the chances f rejection. The migration agents Brisbane have been working with the system for years, and they know everything and anything around the visa application process. They will help you fill the forms correctly. 

Again, the Australian migration laws keep changing, and it’s upon the migration agent to stay up-to-date with the emerging issues. Going it alone, you miss out on such vital information, and it’s difficult for your application to go through successfully.

The migration agents save your time.

Ask many people, and they’ll tell you that the visa application process is easy; filling out forms and submitting documents. But that’s not true. There are forms to be filled out completely, and every shred of evidence is attached. The migration agent liaises with the department, a stressful and time-consuming process. There are no delays with an experienced migration agent because all the necessary information is presented, and there is no back and forth.

High rate of success

The success of your visa application is never guaranteed but working with a migration agent; you can be sure of a 98% success rate. The migration agents in Brisbane have specialized knowledge and expertise to help you choose the correct visa stream. They assess your suitability and eligibility for your visa and will tell you the likely prospects of success.

Working with a reputable and experienced migration agent is the surest way to get your visa to Australia approved. Going alone will only dim your chances of success, and you could lose your money even after wasting a lot of time. Let the experts do their work; learn more, pay the small agency fees and stand a chance of getting your visa in record time. 

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