Why You NEED To Avoid Blocked Drains

Why You NEED To Avoid Blocked Drains

The worst thing about blocked drains is that they can occur without notice, which makes them one of the ugliest types of household emergencies. Blocked drains cause smelly odours and flooding, and they can also cause power cuts, which can harm your business prospects by reducing sales, productivity, and customer base.

How To Use An Auger

When a drain is too strong to cope with a plunger's application, it might not work. In such a case, you may want to switch to using a chemical drain pipe opener, which will result in chemical brokers doing a lot of work within your drain pipes. By removing the stopper from the waste pipe and inserting the wire inside the tiny opening, you can also use an auger. By turning the handle of the tool, the auger could detect whatever is blocking the drain pipe and either push the obstruction inside or withdraw it upwards. Carry on turning the handle as you move out the device from the pipe.

Things To Keep An Eye On

Here are some practices you can implement to minimise the chance that a drain will become blocked, regardless of whether a foreign object was present or a structural problem occurred.

●      Clean the waste plug hole regularly to remove hair clumps.

●      Avoid dropping small objects into the toilet, such as combs, medicine bottles, and toilet rolls.

●      To prevent soap sludge from lining your pipes, flush out your wash stations and soaking areas regularly using disinfectant and hot water.

●      You shouldn't put away baby's nappies, commercial packaging, sanitary towels, and similar large items in the drain; they can clog it.

●      Food scraps and cuts should not be disposed of down the drain, but can instead be composted.

●      You should pull food wastes out of the sink if any fall into it unintentionally, rather than trying to flush them away. Otherwise, these materials will clog along with other items, creating a greater blockage, making it more challenging to remove.

●      You should never pour cooking fats down the sink to avoid blocked drains in London, or anywhere else in the UK. The fats congeal and solidify when exposed to cold water, but if you absolutely must, then dissolve them in hot water after breaking them up with a little detergent. A good habit is to keep water running into sinks for a few minutes after flushing fats, since this keeps the water flowing smoothly and prevents the fats from solidifying.

Additionally, to regular maintenance, there are a number of other things you can do to decrease the probability that a drain will become blocked.

●      Be sure to inspect your house's roof gutters and rain downpipes every year.

●      Be careful not to fall off the ladder while you are using a trowel to remove the leaves and debris as this can sometimes turn into an extreme balancing act.

●      Check your drain covers regularly to ensure a free flow of water and open them easily if necessary.

●      It is a good idea to protect the external grids from garden materials, fallen leaves, or moss accumulation at the end of the growing season.

●      It is also possible to clean the external drains with disinfectant and hot water in the same manner as with the internal drains.

CCTV Drain Inspections

In order to reduce the chance of blocked drains, especially if you run a business, it is advisable to schedule regular drain surveys and to hire a CCTV drain inspection service to periodically check your drainage system. This type of service will alert you of any impending blockages and the likelihood of blocked drains. It will also allow you to check the condition of the drainage system regularly.

So, what are you waiting for?

Following these tips will help you prevent the issues discussed from causing major disruption to your business operations, as blocked drains can cause severe damage to your property and your assets. Check your systems as soon as possible and be sure to take note to prevent property damage from build up in your drains.

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