The Complete Guide to Panchakarma Treatment in India

The Complete Guide to Panchakarma Treatment in India

Dec 13, 2021, 7:59:25 AM Opinion

What is the process of a panchakarma treatment

The word “Panchakarma” is made up of five Sanskrit words: pancha meaning five, karma meaning actions or treatments.

Panchakarma Treatment is a 5-step therapy that is used to provide relief from the symptoms of chronic disease. It's a detoxification process with the goal of removing toxic substances.

The 5 steps are meant to work on body, mind, and spirit with each step being more intense than the previous one.

Panchakarma consists of



3)Basti 4)Nasya/Abhyanga


The Panchakarma is a procedure that involves an activity for each of the five senses and different therapies. The procedure has been developed in India and it is believed to be one of the best ways to heal any illness. The panchakarma treatments are usually given in order to remove ama, or toxic substances, from the body.

The treatment can include therapy, diet therapy, exercise therapy, meditation, yoga and pranayama therapy. A person who undergoes this treatment will feel more energetic afterwards and they will be more positive about life in general.

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