How To Stay Motivated For Workout (Your Way)

When I first started working out I was motivated, excited and pumped up! But as time started slipping away, I began to dread it. So much so that it felt like a job and I would make up any excuses to avoid it. Just picking myself up and walking towards the gym seemed like a chore and I started giving up. I would come up with the silliest of excuses and even lies to avoid the gym. Now, I love running and I do run from time to time but I didn’t do that as often as I should. So I started exploring various ways in which I could help myself become and stay motivated for workout. I tried so many tips and tricks, read several articles, downloaded fitness apps and videos but none of those helped me to stay motivated.

I guess you can say I gave up easily, right? Maybe you are correct. I do feel like I gave up easily so instead of trying to redo the steps which I knew would not motivate me, I came up with some of my own ways to keep me motivated. These tips are actually quite common but I added my own little tricks in them to help me stay motivated. 

What I mean is, take a few motivational ideas from the internet (there are SO many to choose from) and add in your extra special kick in it to make it more personal and relatable. I did just that and I wanted to share those with you to give you some ideas and maybe if you find these motivational, you can try these out yourself.


This is a very common one and one that can easily make you say, “Ah I can’t get that! I am wasting my time!” so instead of using random pictures of people, use photographs of people in your life. For example, if you have a cousin or a friend and you are jealous of their figure, use their picture for your motivation. I am sure it’ll make you say, “Okay, I need to look better than her/him!” for me I sometimes use pictures of my really pretty sister and some k-pop artists. Now why do I use a celebrity figure? I guess because I have been listening to k-pop for a very long time and they are a part of my life. So when I look at them, I don’t see them as foreign strangers, if you know what I mean.


I tend to avoid quotes such as “Today is your day. To start fresh, to eat right, to train hard….blah blah blah” because they seem so impersonal and to be honest, hardly motivating or worth remembering. Honestly guys, will you remember these quotes after 5 minutes? No, right? Then how will they motivate you when you think about a glazed donut while you are cruising on a treadmill? Instead of going with the flashy quotes go with the ones which HURT you or even make you remember it. For my part, I stick to the quotes which are relatable, which mean something to me and which actually pushes me to not walk like a sloth! Quotes such as:



Now these mean something and you can actually repeat them in your brain instead of trying to remember what was the second line of that enormously unrelatable quote! Am I being too harsh today? Haha I think it’s because exercise is such an important part of our lives and if we avoid it, we will regret it.


Now let’s get real! Who doesn’t like showing off? Have you seen how gorgeous workout clothes are? I am sure at least a pair is just hanging in your closet, collecting dust. Do it for the clothes! If you are too chubby to fit in those now, work hard for it so that you can fit in to them, then walk in to the gym in those clothes LIKE A BOSS! Now if you already have them but are too lazy to crawl out and go to the gym, people you owe it to the clothes! You owe it to the hole you made in your wallet when you purchased that workout clothing! Or if you don’t have any, go out and get some! When you look good, you will want to flaunt and that will make you go to the gym!



It is so much fun to go on a run or do cardio with a friend who knows you, understands you and will encourage you. I will highly suggest you to not go to a gym with someone who gives up easily or is just a down right pessimist. Go with someone who will motivate you, encourage you and go the distance with you. That way you wont feel alone while working out and leave quickly. You can gossip, set goals together and just keep each other company.


That is such a wrong approach and so many have suffered for it. Why is it wrong you might ask. I remember working out for 3 weeks and then I went to check my weight and there was hardly any difference. That sort of thing can be the ultimate motivation kill and can make you binge eat all sorts of junk food. So instead of working out for weight loss, focus on a specific part of your body. For instance, say, I want to focus on my belly this week and do belly exercises but don’t over do it. Keep a healthy balance. Do other exercises as well but focus on a specific thing instead of weight loss. You will see much better results. You can also set goals and have a picture of what you want. Like a flat stomach? Have a picture of that for motivation.

Work on a specific area and measure it with a tape, repeat and measure and you will see a difference.

So these are just some tips and tricks that have helped me stay motivated for the past couple of months and I have seen a good difference! Let me know if you find these to be helpful and what motivates you to workout?

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I hope you have a fun Sunday and a lovely week ahead!!


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