Better Half

Just because she has never done drugs, doesn't mean she's not cool.
Just because she is a virgin, doesn't make her lame.
Just because she's not a fighter, doesn't mean she's weak.
Just because she's not a party girl, doesn't mean she can't hang out.
Just because she gets good grades, doesn't mean she's a nerd.
Just because teachers like her, doesn't mean she's a teacher's pet.
Just because she's not a rebel, doesn't mean she's scared.
Just because she's quiet, doesn't mean she doesn't speak up for what she believes in.
Just because she has morals, doesn't make her a goody two shoes.
Just because she walks away from trouble, doesn't make her a pushover.
Just because she thinks before she acts, doesn't make her a loser.

She is who she is and this is who she will forever be. She does not care what others think of her. Like her or not that is your choice. Accept her for who she is.

Happy Women's Day to all the lovely ladies out there! <3
This is no longer a day though.. Turned into a week, month, year, decade, century.... and eternity! ^_^

Published by Sumana Saha


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