Essential skills for commercial success

The tide is turning in the terms of the skills that many organisations are looking for in their managers, executives and leaders.

Commercial SuccessWhilst education, experience, skills, and training (IQ) are still high on the list many organisations are now realising that ‘Emotional Competencies’ (EQ) are equally, if not more important, for effective performance. Coaching and experiential learning programmes are the most powerful ways to train yourself, and managers and leaders in these fundamental competencies proven in research to impact high performance.

The Role of Emotional Competency

Daniel Goleman, the pioneering author of ‘Emotional Intelligence’, researched competency models from 181 different positions drawn from 121 companies and discovered that 67 percent of the competencies deemed essential for effective performance were “emotional” competencies. In a later study by the Hay Group, emotional competencies were once again found to be twice as important in contributing to excellence as pure intellect and expertise. As a result of these and other pioneering research Goleman extracted 25 key emotional intelligence competencies that are proven in research to be most important to job performance.

Emotional competencies are best impacted and honed through experiential training. They are by definition not “analytical” and therefore can not be taught through traditional didactic instruction methods.

So for optimum performance development – if you’re looking to advance up the career ladder, then these Emotional Intelligence competences must be a part of your professional development, and if you’re looking to improve the performance of the key staff in your business, then your training programmes should ideally focus heavily on developing emotional intelligence competencies and be experiential in nature.

Published by Sumana Saha

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