The India of my dreams...

I dream of an India where the candle of love

Has not died out in the darkness of despair,

I dream of an India where prospers the Dove,

And all are kind, just fair.


As is prominent from the condition of India today, she has quite obviously her old and glorious touch. The former land of riches is now but a wrecked ship struggling hard in the ocean of hatred, poverty and corruption. My motherland, quite unfortunately, is drowning in that ocean. She no longer generates the power and royalty she once used to. Her purple robes have become bleached, with a shade of gray over them now. My motherland’s respect is on a decline in the international arena. In the words of Derozio:


“Where is that glory, where is that reverence now?”


With this sad plight of my nation in my mind, I have etched a vivid image of the India of my dreams in my heart.

The India of my dreams is a land where the sweet smell of happiness is spread all over.

The India of my dreams is a land where prosperity resides-at home, in the school, in the community, in the society and in the nation at large.

The India of my dreams is a land where love and honesty find shelter in each man’s heart.

The India of my dreams is a land, which is divine.


That India is quite different from what she is now. I dream of an India where each and every child receives education, not to make him reach, but to uplift his character. Each child forming his character is equivalent to the nation’s character rising up. In my dream India, no child shall be forced to work in the haunting factories. In fact, ‘get tortured’ in the factories would be more appropriate to describe their condition that ‘work’. My dream India will be a land where child labour is not present to hinder a flower from blossoming to its fullest during spring.


I dream of an India where women are not bound by shackles; where they are allowed to prosper and work according to their will. The India of my dreams will be a land where women are not thought of as mere machines that give birth to children. My dream nation shall not be dominated by men and women be compelled to assume a subordinate social position. It will be an India where men and women hold hands and rise.


I dream of an India where men respect the body of the other sex; where mutual respect does not give way to the madness of lust. It will not be a place where the painful cries of a woman fade away in the darkness of indifference or her tears roll down into the ocean of travesty.


The monster of subterfuge will not have invaded the land of my dreams. That India shall not be a land where politicians conceal their darker emotions beneath their white untainted apparel. It will be a land where rolling up your sleeves to show your puissance will not have an effect on the masses. Promises shall not be made just for the sake of augmenting one’s vote bank. It will be a land business over the table shall flourish more than that under the table. Only then will my motherland prosper.


In my dream India, the elite shall not exploit the proletariat. It will not be a nation where the affluent classes keep on increasing the weight of their pockets, indifferent to the fact that they decrease the food on the plebeian’s plate in the process. The bridge between the rich and the poor shall be filled by mutual growth. The beggarly hands of the mendicants shall not receive foreigners to my dream India. “We, the people of India” shall work hard to improve the nation’s economy. It will be a land where the government shall not be indifferent to the dream of sages. It shall be a land of gold.


The people of my dream India shall rise above all religious disparities. The people shall not be ignited by the sparks of communalism. It shall be a peace-loving nation in the true sense of the term. It shall be a land “where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow, domestic walls” and “where words come out from the depths of truth”.


And now,

“You may say I’m a dreamer,

But I’m not the only one.”


This dream of mine is not just a mere aspiration of mine, but also what millions across the nation crave and yearn for every day. Some may say it is a distant and irrational dream.

Let us not be pulled down by those few.

Let us be optimistic in our approach.

Let us hold hands together and walk towards a better India.

Published by Sumana Saha

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