Winning the game of Life & Business.

Winning the game of Life & Business.

What does it take to consistently perform at your best and produce the results that you desire? There’s no ‘one’ answer to that question. In my experience it’s about having a multitude of tools in your arsenal that you can draw upon in different situations to bring out your best self and ‘hit it out of the park’. One such tool that we use with our clients is called Pitching Your Winning Team.

A simple way to think about how we operate in different situations is to view your mind or ‘inner world’ a bit like a bus or a coach. The seats on the bus are all filled with different versions of you, or different selves. I’m sure you’ve noticed that you spend much of your day having ‘inner conversations’. Your inner world is populated by many different selves or voices, each a different part of the whole you. These different selves encompass both the dark and the light – the good, the bad, the ugly and the brilliant aspects of who you are.

The mastery is all about controlling who’s in the driving seat. Who is driving your bus right now as you read this article? Is it the critic, the judge, the optimist, the dreamer?

This is vitally important because as your bus (you) navigates its way through life and business, who’s in the driving seat determines not only the destination you arrive at, but what the ride is like as well. So if you want to reach exotic destinations and experience a smooth ride then you’d better pay more attention to who you let sit in the driving seat…

Putting your Winners in the Driving Seat

So given the significant impact the driver has on both your direction in life, and what the ride is like, ‘Pitching Your Winning Team’ is powerful technique that you can use to access your best selves – your ‘Winners’. They are the aspects of you that are the most powerful in a positive way, most closely aligned to your true heart and spirit, and as a result most likely to get you where you want to go!

Imagine a cube with 6 faces. This cube represents your whole self and each face shows an aspect of you at your best – your best selves or Winners.

Take some quiet time where you are able to reflect without interruption and think about who you are at your best. What are the different ways in which your best selves are expressed in the world? What are the different strengths, traits and characteristics of each? Describe them as if they were characters in book or a movie. Make them as real, alive and visceral as you can. You’ll know when you’ve got them right as you will feel an energy and power in your body that really brings you to life.

You don’t have to come up with 6, but do try and come up with at least 3 or 4. As you explore this exercise, make sure you capture the full range of who you are at your best so that you have a full team of winners and not several that are all very similar. There will of course be crossover, as they are all parts of you.

Once you have described each of your characters the next step is to find a name for each that captures their essence and enables you to connect with them instantly. You can any name you wish – it might be something that describes their essence, like the Hero or the Rebel, or an archetypal character like Amazon Warrior or Oracle, or something more personal to you. You get to choose.

This name gives you a way to tap into these winnings aspects of yourself at any time and can put them in the driving seat to win your game and move powerfully towards your hopes and dreams. This will require practice as it’s easy to become distracted and get knocked of course and end up with someone else in the driving seat. So take the time to connect with these winning aspects of yourself and get to know them better so that you can access them in more difficult times when life’s challenges have a habit of getting in the way.

This is not role-play. Your winners are not an act. They are the real, authentic, best versions of you. Your heart, soul and passion expressed. When you connect with any of them it will feel like you’ve just plugged yourself in to the mains and are fully juiced. They are your winning team – so if you want to win big, then make sure they’re consistently driving your bus!

Published by Sumana Saha

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