4 Tasty Modern Bread Recipes Kids Would Love For Breakfast

4 Tasty Modern Bread Recipes Kids Would Love For Breakfast

Jan 10, 2018, 11:19:35 PM Life and Styles

If you were born in the 90s or later, then it’s hard not agree with the fact that bread became a staple diet during our formative years, especially when dearest mummy had to pack the morning tiffin for school in a jiffy. That the modern day bread, even in its humblest avatar, is still a crowd favourite in urban India’s homes stands testament to the quality of the bread in the market.

When you were young, the debate was all about brown bread vs. white bread. But today’s kids have so many options that they don’t even care about brown or white bread anymore! Take Modern Foods, for example. They are the pioneers of the ‘bread revolution’ in the country, having been the first company to sell packaged bread. True to their name, Modern Foods have truly kept up with the times by selling no less than 10 amazing varieties of bread in the market.

Hence, whenever you are in a fix because of the ‘plain white bread’, you can always try out these four great recipes with different Modern breads that will leave the kids licking their fingers:

 1. Fruit Cream Sandwich

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Add a dash of sweetness to your kid’s breakfast with Modern Fruity Bread that is encrusted with delectable Tutti Frutti bits. In this 5-minute recipe, spread some cheese cream on the slices with crushed strawberries and mangoes, and serve them cold. Easy, right?

2. Bread Pizza

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Chop and spread a few green chillies, onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes on bread slices, along with a layer of ketchup. Sprinkle grated cheese atop, bake for a couple of minutes, and voila! If it sounds unhealthy, then you needn’t worry! Use the Modern Atta Shakti Bread slices for the base that is enriched in protein and fibre, and also aids in digestion!

3. Corn Capsicum Sandwich

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Spread finely chopped capsicum, boiled sweet corn, and grated cheese between sandwich bread slices, and top it off with salt and paprika powder. Serve toasted. We recommend the fibre-rich Modern Sandwich Bread, which is denser and has large slices.

4. Yogurt Coleslaw Sandwich


Make a smooth paste out of hung curd, brown garlic, chili flakes, pepper, honey, and salt. Add juliennes of carrot and capsicum into the mixture, and spread generously on multi-grain bread slices, along with mustard sauce. Top it off with lettuce and chopped coriander, and serve cold!

We recommend only the choicest of breads i.e. Modern Multigrain Superseed, which comes with 7 grain seeds rich in Omega 3 and Bran.

With so many nutritious and delectable bread offerings from Modern, you can always keep experimenting with new recipes to treat the kids around!


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