6 Ways to the Perfect Statement Wall

6 Ways to the Perfect Statement Wall

Jun 4, 2018, 4:38:09 PM Life and Styles

Home décor is an outward reflection of your personality and there is no better way to make a statement than adding a feature wall to your space. Every person is unique and the world of tiles, with its variety of colours and textures, is capable of transforming the personality of your home.    

Feature walls are also an effective way to accentuate the better parts of your home thereby giving a structural dimension no matter how small or large the space. In fact, some homes have feature walls in multiple rooms while very few stop with just one. Highlighting adds a great deal of depth to the interiors while creating an interesting focal point – a view.

Whether you look for sophisticated, bold, or rustic, we have rounded up the 6 most popular tiles trends that come close to perfection.

1. Timeless Monochrome

Trends change, new colours get discovered, but black and white remains eternal. Simple yet striking, black and white tiles with their sharp contrast provide perfect backdrops for interiors. From Herringbone-tiled hallways to modern hexagons in kitchens and bathrooms, they make for great wall tiles. For an edgy, mesmerising look try the modern black and whites incorporating geometrical designs.

2. Block negativity with colours

Colour is a very personal choice and every colour has its place, but consideration should be given to your daily moods. Think about what you’d like to use the room for, how natural lighting looks throughout the day and the aspects of the space you like/do not like. You might like the deepest shade of red in that bar you loved but it might not be a good idea for your living room! Feature walls of blue and teal ceramic tiles make for perfect interiors as they are not just dramatic but more upbeat and light.

3. Get lost in the woods

Wall tiles that give you the wooden look are easily achievable feature walls, capturing the grace of nature combined with the durability of ceramic. Elegant look of the hardwood, reminiscent of olden days, contributes to the aesthetics of anyone opting for classy. In addition to acting as the centre piece, they are an alternative to what would be a very expensive aspiration – mounting a real hardwood wall! From a romantic point of view, wood-style feature walls breathe new life into an art form that has existed for ages – except no trees are hurt!  

4. For the love of stone


We all love stones be it diamonds or simply cool tiles on barefoot! After all these years, stoneware tiles still rule the market with endless options of shades and textures. Stone tiles are fun especially because the range features limestone, marble, granite and even slate tiles. Feature walls made of stone tiles look timeless and regal as they offer longevity with a unique character that’s impossible to replicate.  

5. Go binary with digital


Some of us don’t like mass-produced goods no matter how distinguishable they are! For the picky lot that don’t conform but believe in visual art, welcome to the world of digital tiles. These ceramic tiles are produced with special print technology that adds graphic designs on tiles allowing you to articulate your aesthetics for your space. Feel free to choose from a variety of textures and prints, ranging from funky to classy, especially if you take a pick from portfolios of renowned manufacturers like Somany Ceramics. 

6. Brick it up

If ingenuity has led you to crave rawness and makes you daydream of exposed brick walls, brick-style wall tiles are the architectural greatness you are looking for! Looks like brick but with durability of a ceramic tile, it is just as good as the real deal. Authentic-looking feature walls for your study, a fireplace frame or even a kitchen backsplash is sure to make your every day seem like royalty.   

Now that we have bombarded you with all that can be achieved, the possibilities are endless. What is your choice of a perfect feature wall?  


Published by Sumity Paul

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