Is a Co-working office space Really Worth For Startups & Business?

Is a Co-working office space Really Worth For Startups & Business?

Dec 22, 2016, 9:53:03 PM Business

For all those who don’t know, a co-working space is nothing, but sharing of workstations and resembles an office. To put it simply, a co-working space includes an already set up or designed work location where not just you or your colleagues or employees can work, but is open to other entrepreneurs as well who want to use the facility from where they can conduct their activities. This post throws light on some of the important advantages which are associated with co-working spaces, especially for startups and businesses.

The concept of co-working spaces has become popular only in the recent years although as a concept, it was very much there in existence much before that. Let us see some of the pros of working at such co- working office spaces particularly from the point of view of businesses and start-ups.

  • No need to go office hunting

Starting a business amongst many other things also involves hunting for office premises from where you can take care of all your operations and activities. Finding a place is truly a nightmare. This is because the location of your office should be such that it must be easily accessible, at the same time it must not be very expensive because you have just started your business. Hence the overhead costs and expenses will be more than the revenue at that stage. So, you don’t want the expenses to escalate all the more right? Quite a catch 22 situation, isn't it? Well, say hello to shared working space where you can easily afford a desk in a prime location with a good address label on your envelope without shelling out much money.

  • No need to bother about interiors and décor

Buying office premises is just the start of the process. Once you purchase or take the premises on the lease, you also have to design it, which means more costs and expenses. Co-working spaces already have well-designed interiors. So, why incur the additional expense of decorating and designing when you are getting something readymade?

  • Loaded with office amenities and facilities

A typical office space involves workstations with properly drawn sections to avoid any unnecessary interruptions. Keeping that in mind as well as certain other facilities which an office typically needs or requires, a co-working office space is well equipped with not just workstations but also private cabins which can also be used for conducting meetings or for conducting client calls. To top this, co-working spaces also have a good Wi-fi connection which again is a pre-requisite for every office environment along with a gaming and a chilling room where you can go and relax.

  • Some other pros

Some of the other reasons why co-working spaces have become a popular option are that unlike typical office premises, you don’t have to pay any deposit to start using the place. Most of these places charge nominal membership fee or rental every month. Moreover, you are not bind by the stringent laws like a typical rent agreement. For instance, you do not have to give any notice if you wish to vacate the place. You just come, occupy, work and leave. It’s as simple as it sounds.

So, if you are a budding entrepreneur you can think of this option instead stressing out on finding office premises for yourself, opt for coworking office spaces. These are not just cost effective, but also convenient and perfect for any and every type of office. Hence, for startups and small businesses it is not just worth it, but offers several irreplaceable advantages too. 

Published by Sumity Paul

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