Receding Hairline - The Last Concern for 21st Century Men

Hair Loss

Receding Hairline - The Last Concern for 21st Century Men

Jan 31, 2018, 10:00:54 PM Life and Styles

One of the things that threaten men all over the world the most is hair loss. According to the American Hair Loss Association, two-thirds of all men will experience hair loss by the time they hit 35, and by age 50 a full 85% of guys will have some thinning hair. But in today’s time and age where science has made beauty everlasting, hair loss is the last concern men should perturb themselves with.

Hair loss or ‘Pattern Alopecia’ is a disorder that is genetic in nature. The male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) leads to the miniaturization of the hair follicles, consequences of which include thinning and patterned loss of hair.  

Hair thinning, on the other hand, is a result of multiple factors such as scalp inflammation conditions like dandruff, excessive sebum production (oily scalp) and skin microorganisms. The resultant unhealthy thin hair is prone to easy breakage. And with the hair also breaks our self-esteem. This is exactly where AAYNA steps in with its world-class treatments.

Bid a goodbye to worrying about hair loss with AAYNA Hair Clinic.


As mentioned above, there can be multiple reasons for hair loss. Since one condition has its unique pattern of features, AAYNA uses dermoscopy. This is the diagnostic procedure that helps to assess the epidermis and then come up with the most suitable diagnosis. The diagnosis might include one of the following Hair Regrowth treatments or even a combination as per the requirement.

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)

This FDA-approved hair restoration treatment uses your own blood to help regenerate the hair follicles. The PRP is injected over the scalp to stimulate inactive or newly implanted hair follicles into an active growth phase. Being an autologous preparation, PRP is devoid of any serious adverse effects.


An amalgamation of amino acids, biotin, vitamins, and minerals vital for hair growth is injected into the mesoderm or the middle layer of the skin. Hair growth is promoted due to the mechanical and chemical stimulation the wondrous treatment initiates.

Root Deep Hair Spa

Root deep is a pioneering advanced therapy for hair loss based on the treatment of the target cause of the concern. After years of scientific research, the treatment uses nourishing oils, phytonutrients and plant amino acids similar to the hair protein – keratin.

All causes of hair loss are targeted by this treatment. Whether it is nourishment from roots to the tip, nurturing the scalp, enhancing follicular growth, eliminating dandruff and the effects of chemical treatments, Root Deep Hair Spa at AAYNA is miraculously beneficial. All products are devoid of chemicals. They even have labels marked with a nature score ensuring the usage of premium natural ingredients.

It is often said that ‘no pain, no beauty’. But at AAYNA we believe in breaking conventions and this saying is not an exception. All the above-stated treatments are free from any side effects. Walk into any of our clinics and let your receding hairline worry you in the least. Also, in case extra body hair is your concern, we have the best Laser Hair Removal in Delhi.



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