Top Watch Brands in India Driving Lifestyle Revolutions on Social Media

Top Watch Brands in India Driving Lifestyle Revolutions on Social Media

Feb 24, 2019, 3:59:45 PM Life and Styles

A watch is one of the most essential accessories worn by people of all ages. Today, they are instruments that are not only functional but define a part of the wearer’s personality and thus, their image in the society.

Certain watch brands are creating timepieces that can represent a person’s virtues. These fashion premium category brands have identified and partly created the stature of a watch and now inspire millennials on social media platforms to lead dynamic lives. They introduce endless deigns, latest features, and are taking horology to another level with reasonably priced watches by collaborating with youth icons representing their values. They use strategies that differ from those of high-end luxury brands.

Here’s our rundown of watch brands in India that drive lifestyle values through social media activity:

1. Fossil

Hands down, Fossil is the leading watch brand in India with an extensive range of designs that resonate among the millennials and middle-aged people alike. Fossil India recently signed Varun Dhawan and Fatima Sana Shaikh (identified as leading youth icons) as their brand ambassadors, which translates into perfect strategy to target both male and female audiences; they have something for everyone. They are very active on social media platforms and are growing rapidly with followers increasing on their various pages month by month. Fossil is setting benchmarks in the industry with simple yet subtle minimalistic watches, with the trendiest smart watches one can hope for.

2. Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is the number 1 player on Social Media with the most defined campaigns, which rightly earns it the title of the Pioneer. It is the embodiment of elegance and minimalism. Even though they offer simple designs, they have managed to woo their target audience with the likes of Radhika Apte as their brand ambassador. Their Scandinavian design watches what drives their style values. They are huge on influencer activity on several social media platforms including blogs on reputable websites.

What doesn’t help their cause, however, is that their lack of designs and that they only appeal to a niche in the market. The brand witnessed rapid growth initially owing to elaborate strategies but stands at the cusp of stagnancy having exhausted virtually everything. Unlike the preceding and the succeeding, DW is not for everyone.

3. Timex

Timex is within arm’s length of DW with unrivaled campaigns that stem from a rich legacy of watch making. Timex Waterburry and Timex Marlin are good examples as they are currently counted among the best classic watches the world over as per the reviews on most channels. Their wide portfolio of watches for everyone is backed by a 165-year-old legacy. It has been noticeably active on Facebook from a long time & on Instagram over past 5-6 months and catching up with the first 2 brands at breathtaking pace. It might even be possible that it will soon take them over. Their Indian department works in tandem with the global counterpart and the already extensive catalogues are refreshed almost at the same time.

The recent launch of the Timex Command is a fine example. Firstly, the watch is extremely sturdy and suits all sporting activities. The brand worked with the biggest influencers on Instagram to impart the importance and convenience of tracking their workout. Timex is huge on designs and launches new products within short intervals, due to which it has been able to capture a large customer base since it caters to everyone with watches for all millennials and all occasions.

 4. Casio

The Japanese brand Casio has enjoyed unbounded success in the past, especially with the G-Shock models. It enjoys a majority over many other brands in the offline market with several stores across the country. Nonetheless, the brand hasn’t been able to match the preceding brands in influencing the young generation owing to slow design and functional innovation. Moreover, Casio is low on social media, which means that it banks on the word of mouth and offline advertisement. When it comes to inventory, Casio has one too many sub-brands under its banner which makes it difficult for the customers to navigate and choose. Nonetheless, it remains a favorite and #4 in our list.

5. FastTrack

You might recognize FastTrack from the off-beat, cool, and funky television commercials that targeted the young audience quite well actually. It can be said that the brand did capture a significant portion of the market, only to be halted by its own strategies. FastTrack, even though it is one of most famous watch brands in India, deals in other accessories such as bags, and sunglasses, which don’t really let it qualify as a hardcore watch brand. Perhaps for the same reason, FT has not introduced enough innovations in horology. FastTrack Reflex however, was widely promoted on Instagram, as are its other products, and witnessed considerable success.

 6. Titan

Everyone knows Titan as a popular Indian watch company among the public. It can be simply classified as the Traditional Mass Brand. Being a Tata company, it is clearly large in numbers and its Instagram presence indicates hefty discount offerings and a periodic approach to advertisement. Moreover, the brand focuses on regional campaigns that are drafted for particular audiences – Bengali, Tamil etc.

However, Titan follows conventional design ideas and lacks in innovation like other global brands in the list. Still, it has introduced collections such as Raga, Regalia, Steel, among many others that have been the go-to models for many over the past few years.

These brands, according to us, are the ones that are most common among the Indian shopper. They assist the millennials and of course, other segments to decorate the gift of time on their wrists and use it to their advantage through social media!

Everyone has a unique relationship with their watch and find its use accordingly.

7. Citizen

Citizen is among the well-known Japanese watch brands in India for their advanced research & development department and unmatched quality. Notably, the brand introduced solar panels in a watch; surely a commendable feat. However, the brand is still in a nascent stage on Instagram in India with limited followers. Nonetheless, their brand ambassador is Naomi Osaka who recently won the Australian Open, which has been well leveraged. Citizen is celebrated in India for the digital watches, but the youth has been considerable attracted to the analogs and chronographs, which is what gets it the 7th spot in this list.

8. Sonata

Sonata is an evergreen brand in the Indian market with a range of lovely watches that are admired and sought by people from several walks of life. However, the highlight of the brand is signing Sushant Singh Rajput as their brand ambassador. His persona adds to general likeability of their watches that are designed for all age groups and all occasions. However, they have a limited base of followers owing to the modest scale of their catalogue.

The Super Fibre was an exception and yielded considerable interest of the youth in the past. The Busy Bee campaign for women that targeted professional women who are driven and take their careers seriously is also a fine example. Sonata has evolved with the times and has transformed their traditional designs into funky colorful variants that are liked by the youngsters; they are working on their brand image according to the urban audience.

9. Tommy Hilfiger

Though not traditionally a dedicated watch manufacturer, Tommy Hilfiger offers a very humble yet considerable collection of watches at its stores and online. Nonetheless, the brand has certain designs that are unique and range from sporty to elegant. Since the brand caters its other products to the youth, the watches receive significant interest and cannot be ignored when it comes to sophisticated watches.

However, the brand doesn’t have a separate handle for its watches on social media and they are lost somewhere behind the wide range of clothing. Although a separate hashtag does separate them from the apparel, the watches are not separately marketed which limits the buyers. Tommy watches are designed for both sexes and along with a unisex range.

Tommy’s various product categories including watches are highly accepted and admired, which is apparent through their following on social media channels. However, limited social media marketing, especially for watches, earns it the 9th spot in the list.

 10. Giordano

Giordano is the go-to collectible brand for the youngsters with the latest designs and great prices.  While the brand is active on platforms like Instagram, the posts are highly irregular, which translates into a small base of followers.

However, the brand offers expertly crafted watches that are renowned for their functionality. The brand largely targets millennials but offers styles that are appreciated among older age groups as well. The brand offers several types of straps with their watches which lends a bit of versatility to each timepiece. The USP of Giordano is experimental designs that resonate well among the modern youngsters. Their catalogue has countless designs in analog, digital and chronographs for everyone. They offer outrageous discounts (like sometimes 50%) and communication is loud and based around these rebates. However, Giordano doesn’t fall well into the formal segment and therefore, number 10th in our list.

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