The moment of realisation

The moment of realisation

 i strongly believe that new year resoultions are an easy ticket to failure. On january 1st you're pumped and ready and you think , "okay today i'm going to write about something that i think i should accomplish or improve by the end of the year" and then by the next day that huge list you wrote will probably be lying on the floor or will be at the bottom of the bin (which by now is loaded with chocolates you promised not to eat). 

And sometimes, yeah, we do follow them for a week or a month and then one day we see some stupid quote about only living once and you decide that 'hey i only live once so i therefore must eat this glorious chocolate cake sitting right in front of me, right?'


This is why in my family we don't have new year resolutions, we instead have plain moments of 'what am i doing with my life and how can i impove it.' It's the turning point. The moment where you go 'what the hell have i been doing?'

and slowly but surely you create goals and you treat yourself and if it doesn't work at first then try, try, again. 

It's  the moment of realisation. The moment where you take off your filtered version of the world and instead are left with this odd strange tint of reality and you think for a second "what is happening" but after a while you see the beauty in the flaws and you can't stop seeing. You don't want to go back to that filtered land of 'perfection'.

I had my moment of realisation 3 months ago when i looked at myself one morning and i said ' what have you become?' i was so different, so vain, so rude, so mean, irritating and yet more people liked me. Strange. So i changed myself for the better. Became the person i used to be; the kinder version of me, not the fake one that i built in order for people to like me. 

I made a daily routine that i now follow religiously. My life has changed in so many ways and i know feel like a happy person who is being true to not only herself but to others. 

Here's my daily routine:

5-5.30 am; I sit on my floor and breathe in and out for about five minutes. After that i start listing things i am grateful for in life ( my family, my friends, a roof over my head ect.) . I then think about what's worrying me and i try to think of ways to solve them. I also look at the worst case scenario and the best case and i put things into perspective. Towards the end i pray and then i'm done for the morning. 

in the evening,  i turn off my wifi on my phone and tablet and i make sure to drink 3 glasses of water. i do my jump rope routine for about 30 minutes. When i'm finished i will drink 2 glasses of water and then i will shower, eat my dinner and study. I make sure that i revise at least 3 subjects, then i will draw for a bit, listen to music and relax and then i will  sleep. 

Praying, putting things in persepctive and realising that you have a lot in life has made me a better person. Everyday i also make sure i do at least one thing that scares me and whenever i see i person in need i try my best to help them. 

So, have you had a turning point recently? and if so what are you going to do about it? 



Published by Summer Daniels

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