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My name is Summer Lane, and I live where the bluebonnets grow.  I am married to an amazing man, and we are in the midst of parenting a crazy bunch of younglings.  Primarily, I am a Jesus follower, a wife and a Mom.  I try and fail a lot.  And then mostly, I try to try again.  I'm a mess held together with a lot of prayer.

We're a homeschool family.  Our oldest 'youngling' is a college student, and so am I.  I have an opinion about everything in the whole entire world, even corn dogs, if you give me a minute.  So stay tuned for my rantings and madness.  We might have something in common.  And if we don't, maybe we can talk about it. 

Yep.  I definitely like corn dogs.

You can check out more of my writing at

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