Have You Had Enough Yet?

Have You Had Enough Yet?

Well?  Have you had enough yet?  Enough of the pain?  Waking up to see another tragedy in the news?  The candlelight vigils?  The makeshift memorials?  The hashtags?  I certainly have.  I'm sick to death of it.  I'll tell you why.  None of this is doing a thing to stop the killing.

Don't get me wrong.  I absolutely believe we should step up with prayer and vigils and memorials.  Those things are essential for healing.  But we have to do something else.  We have to do something to stop this insanity. 

Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  The repeated attacks, the killing of hundreds and hundreds of people by Islamic terrorists is the result of doing the same thing over and over:  trying to deal diplomatically with terrorists.  This is not a viable option.  It will never work.

While the current administration is trying to 'change minds and hearts', ISIS is training their children to kill our children.  Obama stated in his book, The Audacity of Hope, that if political winds shifted in an ugly direction, he would stand with Muslims.  He has made his position clear.  He has no intention of taking a hard line on terrorism, and is more than willing to let us get picked off a few hundred at a time.

So, what must be done?  Close borders until we have a good system of weeding out the bad guys.  And I'm not talking about TSA airport security.  I'm talking about real security.  What is happening in Europe is a result of 'refugees' roaming free throughout the European Union.  If we don't want that, we'd better get a better handle on our own nation's security.  

Secondly, we need to get someone in charge that will at least name the problem.  Obama won't even call these guys Islamic terrorists.  He calls them ISIL instead of ISIS, which makes no sense to anyone except himself.  Who knows.  I've been saying for years that Obama either is in way over his head and is completely clueless, or he knows exactly what he's doing and is trying to destroy us.  I'm pretty sure it's the second choice.

Thirdly, Hillary Clinton needs to be in jail.  Unrelated, but needed to be said.

That's the extent of my rant for the day (I think).  I'm up to my eyeballs with this garbage.  Is there no one in Congress willing to charge this guy with treason for selling us out to the terrorists, or is he  above the law?  Are we just supposed to sit here like sitting ducks until he's out of office?  Tell me what you think.  I'm fed up.

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