The Ugly American in Rio

The Ugly American in Rio

As messed up as our country is sometimes, we can always come together for the Olympics, can't we?  Just watching people who have worked their whole lives accomplish their dreams is inspiring.  And America tends to dominate, especially in events like swimming.

So an interesting side story appears about four of our swimmers being held up at gunpoint.  Hmm.  Well, it is Rio.  All kinds of weirdness happens in Rio-what do you expect?  What were they doing away from the Olympic village anyway?  The funniest thing about it was when Ryan Lochte told the gunman, "Whatever", and handed over his stuff.  What a Ryan thing to say, right?

Then the Brazilians start freaking out.  He's lying.  They want interviews.  Start demanding passports.  Pulling people off planes  Wow.  That seems a little excessive.  It's like they're angry that their security failed them.  But they have video evidence.  What?!?  Uh oh.

It turns out that these four guys may have actually been vandalizing a gas station!  Really?  So that's what you do at the Olympics?  You kick in the door of a gas station, fight with the security guard, then try to pay them off and take off before the cops show up?  And they might have been drunk.  *sigh*

Come on.  You've worked your whole life to get to this place, and you're going to ruin it like this?  Maybe Ryan doesn't care.  He's already a champion.  But these younger guys looking up to him, that probably idolize him, they still have races to go.  So, you're not Michael Phelps.  So, you dyed your hair blue and it turned green.  That is no reason to pick on some poor Brazilian and his gas station.

And people got mad at Gabby Douglas for not putting her hand on her heart for the national anthem. 

"How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver!"-Proverbs 16:16


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