How to Keep Your Van Secure

How to Keep Your Van Secure

Sep 20, 2018, 2:17:44 PM News

We have all seen the message ‘No tools left in this van overnight’ on the back of works vans. Today, equipment and tools are heavier and more costly.

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The average theft-related claim from a light commercial vehicle (LCV) is £1,752. With around 2,170 LCV insurance claims each day, this suggests security needs to go above and beyond the sticker message.

Don’t Leave Your Van Unattended or Unlocked

It’s easy to do this by mistake, perhaps next to a customer’s house or while shopping. This can expose you to opportunistic theft and invalidate your insurance policy. Be sure to always remember Van Locks.

Keep Windows Closed

Again, this is easy to overlook, especially in summer.

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Metal Window Grills

Windows are a weak link. Installing steel grills improves security and is also a physical deterrent.

Chain and Padlock Belongings to the Van's Interior

This seems extreme, but it would foil a prospective thief.

Use a UV Pen to Mark Tools

UV pens are extremely effective for tracing stolen goods. The ink cannot be seen by the naked eye but reveals itself under ultraviolet light.

Autoexpress has more on van security:

Locks and Alarms

Modern vans have an array of security features. However, you can boost the security of an older van relatively inexpensively.

Use a Thatcham Category 1 Alarm

Thatcham category 1 alarm systems are high-tech and elaborate. Although pricy, they are very good at preventing possible thefts.


These stop opportunist thieves when the vehicle has been unattended for a short amount of time.


Deadlocks are very effective Van Locks that work when operated by an external key. Deadlocks have no spring mechanism which can be forced open so are very difficult to pick.

Van Lock Protection Plates

Although not strictly speaking a lock, you can source steel plates that surround your existing locks to stop thieves from attempting to prise or drill them out.

Van Vault

Van Vault offers a range of innovative security solutions to prevent the cleverest thieves from stealing your equipment.

Van Vault 2 is a secure steel storage box intended for commercial vehicles. Valuable equipment can be readily locked away inside; should a thief manage to access the vehicle, the tools would still be safe owing to the security features of the Van Vault.


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