How to Make a Great Home Gym

How to Make a Great Home Gym

Jul 24, 2018, 11:53:37 AM Life and Styles

Keeping fit and healthy and looking good have long been incentives to go to the gym, but with membership costs rising and our lives getting busier and more pressured, finding the time and the money can be difficult. Many people are addressing these problems by creating their own home gym, which can be surprisingly quick and easy to do.

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Key things to bear in mind include your lifestyle and motivators and how to make the time to use it once it’s set up. You don’t need to spend a fortune, and second-hand equipment can be bought easily, so as long as you have space, there is nothing stopping you.


If you like working out to music, either use a mobile device with headphones or speakers. Some posters with motivational quotes or images can also be a good idea, and consider putting up a mirror so you can check your posture.

Using a garage is a popular choice, and with some garage shelving from companies such as you could have a functional and organized workout area in no time.

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A barbell and plate set is the center point of any gym. It is worth investing in an Olympic bar and bumper pads for when you drop your bar to the ground.

A bench is a good all-around piece of equipment and means you can focus on different areas of the body.

The rack will probably be the most expensive piece of equipment you buy but is essential for leg, chest and shoulder workouts.

See this article published recently by BBC news on the benefits of having a home gym:


You want the flooring to be easy to clean and hard-wearing, and if you go for commercial-grade foam flooring, this will help absorb any noise and is a great cost-effective solution.

Kettlebells or Dumbbells

This is a personal choice, as both offer a variety of exercise variations, are easy to store and don’t take up too much space.


Use the great outdoors. You don’t need specialist equipment to go for a run - just build it into your routine.


Finally, a punchbag has many uses from relieving stress to building up muscle, strength, and resilience. It will need to be secured to the ceiling, and make sure it has enough room to swing.

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