How to Make Your Cold Storage Unit More Efficient

How to Make Your Cold Storage Unit More Efficient

May 31, 2018, 7:37:48 PM Life and Styles

Whether you use it to store food or medicine, your commercial cold storage unit needs to be as efficient as possible in order to keep company costs down and also to protect the integrity of your stock and essentially your reputation. Read on as we look at some top tips for keeping your cold storage unit at an excellent level of efficiency.

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Check the Seals and Coils

Check the seals and evaporator coils of your unit regularly, and even perhaps draw up a seal/coil-checking rota. A crack or malfunction in your seals can cause major inefficiency, whilst coils must be kept clean to be efficient.

Spotting Signs of Inefficiency

There are a number of ways of spotting signs that your cold storage unit may be working inefficiently. First, look out for discoloration on the walls or ceilings and also for signs of mold. A crack in the interior wall will also be a sign that it may not be working at its most efficient level. Also check the temperature regularly and look for any major rises in temperature, which could be a sign of a malfunction or just increasing inefficiency. Report these changes to a professional, who will be able to inspect your unit thoroughly.

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Keep the Unit Clean

Keep your cold storage unit as clean as possible and wipe it down daily to prevent the build-up of dust and debris. This allows for better airflow and keeps the whole unit at a consistently cold temperature. If your cold storage unit is very large, make sure the racking you buy for it is easy to clean. Those looking for industrial shelving in Ireland for use in a cold storage unit will find excellent easy-clean options from

Change Your Lighting

If you have a large room-sized unit, then you may need ceiling lighting, whilst smaller refrigeration units will need lighting within them. Either way, lighting can use up a lot of energy and can sometimes take power away from the unit itself. Save on these energy-sapping lights by opting for LEDs in small units or motion sensor floodlights in large units.

These four tips should help keep the efficiency of your cold unit storage at an optimum, meaningless financial output for you and safer goods for your customers.

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