The five most common causes of garage door damage

Garage doors are one of those items we simply do not expect to fail. At the push of a button, we expect the doors to open and close as required. Like lights coming on at the flick of a switch, we take garage doors for granted.

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Sometimes, however, things do go wrong. When they do, it is time to call in an expert in garage door repairs in Stanmore to help.

Here are the top five reasons behind garage door breakdowns:

Rollers wear out

Good rollers will help ensure your garage door runs smoothly for years. Poor rollers create a drag on the door’s operating system, making it work harder to lift the door up and down.

Cables break

The lifting cables on a garage door are effectively wire ropes. Over time, these can become brittle and start to fray, which puts them at risk of snapping. As soon as any sign of wear and tear is spotted, it is a good idea to have them replaced.

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Springs break

The more a door is used, the sooner its spring is likely to break. It is worth ensuring that you have the highest-quality spring you can find.

Garage door openers wear out

A consequence of being an item we take for granted but given how many times garage doors are opened and closed, it is hardly surprising that the openers sometimes wear out. Newer models require little maintenance; however, over the years, general wear and tear can take its toll.

Hinges and hardware wear out

A little oiling can often ensure your hinges and hardware last for many years; however, occasionally they do break, especially if moving parts begin to rub together and cut through cables.

Aside from the inconvenience of not having a fully-functioning garage door, it is vital to ensure your doors are in safe working order. The Health and Safety Executive states “At all times a powered gate must respond in a safe way when any person interacts with it.”

If you find yourself in need of help to fix a broken garage door, don’t hesitate to call in an expert such as that can fit and repair garage doors quickly and safely.

After all, there are some things we should be able to take for granted.


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