5 Creative Ways To Display Art In Your Living Room

5 Creative Ways To Display Art In Your Living Room

Nov 17, 2021, 11:14:48 AM Creative

You can make your living room more than just a mere space for relaxing or entertaining your guests. Consider adding to its radiance by accessorising it with art pieces. Don’t stop there – make the artistic impression have an even more lasting effect by arranging the artwork creatively. As a head start, this article discusses five ways for you to do that. Read below for details:

1. Put Up A Gallery Wall

If you have many art pieces, a gallery wall is a perfect way to display them, without creating an overwhelming look in the living room. Pick one of the walls— preferably the central wall that draws attention—and hang an assortment of art pieces. These may include:

  • Framed photos
  • Paintings
  • Canvas art
  • Diagrams and drawings

The list is endless as to what you may put up on your wall. But you’d want to maintain a particular art style, lest your display turns chaotic. A good thing about gallery walls is that they have an all-encompassing nature, meaning that they can accommodate different artwork, of varied sizes, and to some extent, shapes.

A gallery wall will, therefore, save you the worry of how and where to lay out all those art pieces in your attic or basement. 

2. Mount Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are an imaginative and fun way to display wall art.  A typical jigsaw puzzle is essentially one picture split into many tabs, which you join to form the complete image. For your walls, you can create customised jigsaw puzzles by transforming your photos into puzzles Alternatively, you may buy artist puzzles in an art store, or online.

For a reasonable amount, you can buy puzzles with dimensions like:

  • 18 inches by 24 inches
  • 20 inches by 28 inches

You’ll find a range of puzzle ideas to choose from in typical stores, including themes, such as animals, maps, sports, celebrities, landscapes, and many more.

Additionally, there’s a range of jigsaw puzzles for adults you can shop for online or in a local store. Such should captivate the imagination of your mature visitors. If you’re hosting a slumber party, include jigsaw puzzle-mounting in your to-do list to liven up and make your time with your crew more memorable.

3. Arrange Art On Staircase

To fill that empty wall space in your stairwell area, try hanging framed art pieces. Choose a standard colour for the frames and frame background mats to make the final layout more uniform.

However, this type of arrangement can be a bit challenging to set up, as you’d have to make accurate angular measurements that’ll match the slope of the staircase. For this reason, you can get help from professional wall mounting services.

Having art in your stairwell walls reflects a sense of creativity by not just the artwork, but also by the angular layout of the pieces.

4. Set Up Art On The Mantelpiece

The mantelpiece is the focus of attention in any room with a fireplace. For this reason, you should always ensure that you grace it with beautiful accessories. You may:

  • Hang beautiful framed paintings or photos
  • Place fancy sculptured pieces on the mantel top
  • Hang alluring artefacts, such as a Christmas tree, for the festive season

Ensure that you choose a beautiful piece that’ll reverberate a sense of captivating craftsmanship in your entire living room.

5. Use Shelves

Hanging artwork on your walls is an exciting idea. However, the thought of boring holes in the walls for the hooks or nails may make you a bit hesitant. The good news is that you can still showcase your art without compromising the wall’s integrity. And how exactly will you do this?  You may use cabinet shelves or bookshelves instead, especially if your collection consists of artwork with small dimensions.

You can line up the shelves with your art pieces such as photos, sculptures, canvas prints, antiques, and more. Use mini easels to support your pictures so that they don’t tumble down. For a bookshelf, you can place the books in a fashion that’ll add to the artistry, and then use the art pieces as bookends. For instance, by spacing them evenly all over the bookshelf according to their size. You can also place them with the front covers facing outwards or group them according to the book spines’ colours. 


If you want to bring some life to your living room walls, grace them with art. And if you want to make them even more impressive, make a point of creatively showcasing the art. You can do this by making a gallery wall, using jigsaw puzzles, arranging art on your stairwell, optimising your mantel space, and placing the artwork on shelves. Make the most out of your wall art by implementing these ideas and your home will get the much-desired stunning look.

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