Pendants and Charms: Are There Differences?

Pendants and Charms: Are There Differences?

Sep 9, 2022, 9:02:30 AM Life and Styles

Are you looking for a fun and flashy way to add some sparkle to your wardrobe or accessories? Pendants or charms might just be exactly what you're looking for.

Whether you're someone who prefers an understated and elegant look, or you'd rather be the belle of the ball, adding these adornments can take any piece of jewelry to the next level.

But what, if anything, is the difference between the two? Should you pick a pendant, or are you better off with a charm?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about pendants, charms, and how these fun ornaments got their meanings.


Generally speaking, charms are smaller than their ornate counterparts. This makes it easier for the wearer to add multiple charms to a single bracelet, anklet, or necklace. However, their compact nature makes them better-suited for smaller piece of jewelry such as a bracelet.

With that said, charms are still extremely detailed. Just because they're small doesn't mean you're sacrificing quality.

They also have an incredible history, dating back thousands of years. Charms were a status symbol in many Middle Eastern nations, as they were often used to denote military status or political power.

Likewise, Egyptian jewelers would send their pharaohs to the afterlife in style by adorning their sarcophagi with elaborate charms. They believed these jewels could protect their rulers and provide them with good luck.


Pinning down what defines a pendant is a bit trickier. Generally, pendants are larger and more elaborate than charms, making them a good choice for those who prefer necklaces to bracelets.

Pendants, unlike charms, are intended to be centerpieces. St. Florian necklaces and other pieces of religious jewelry are good examples, as the main purpose is to denote a person's faith, an important part of the wearer's personality.

Pendants and charms share a lot of history together. Namely, their original purpose of denoting class and status.

In fact, we still utilize pendants in the military today.

Which is Better?

That all comes down to your personal opinion, as well as why you're looking to wear either a charm or a pendant.

While they are larger and can be perceived as flashier, pendants are wonderful additions to a blazer or thin necklace. They're elegant, sophisticated, and certainly can be eye-catching.

Charms are perfect for anyone who would rather take a quiet approach. Adding a handful to your anklet can be a classy way to show off your personal style without trying to be the center of attention.

Of course, if you're planning to use either for a ceremonial reason, you'd want to stick with a pendant, as it's a more traditional option.

Your Guide to Everything Ornamental

So there you have it, everything you never knew about pendants and charms! Who knew they were actually that different?

In either case, we appreciate you taking the time to read this article. While you're here, why not take a look around and check out the other great content on our website? We have plenty of great lifehacks to help you live better!

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