Romantic Adventures Promotes an Exciting and Safe Sex Life

Romantic Adventures Promotes an Exciting and Safe Sex Life

Romantic Adventures Promotes an Exciting and Safe Sex Life

Jan 24, 2022, 12:49:19 PM Life and Styles

You're not alone if you feel you could do with a boost in your sex life and have fun while staying safe. According to a survey by International Communications Research, 59% of people desire to have more active and exciting sex lives. But, if most people want more incredible excitement in bed, why are couples still having boring sex? 

Many couples are hesitant to change up a successful sexual script---that is, both partners are already getting off. Sex was joyful, exciting, and adventurous when you first began. But, with time, couples tend to make sex into a tedious, all-too-predictable routine---just another item on the to-do list. Here are tips on having a safe, vibrant sex life while still having fun. Romantic Adventures, located in Jackson, MS., looks to help those wanting more in their sex lives.

Drop the Routine

It's time to shake things up, whatever your routine is. If you notice it's not working and isn't giving you the results you want in your sex life, it's time to change things up. Boredom and predictability are two enemies of solid and dynamic sex life. 

Human beings were created sexually to have new, fresh, and varied experiences in our partnerships. Due to this, it necessitates a departure from our usual routine. So, how do we go about doing that?

It could be a new sex position, a different location, a new outfit, or a new aspect to add some variety. Increasing the variety in your sexual relationship with your partner is an excellent method to increase intimacy. Remember, nothing is off-limits as long as it isn't immoral and you and your partner are willing to try it. It's amazing what a little something new can do when it comes to sex.

Doing something new brings a sense of intimacy and bonding. Think outside the box and participate in activities that might scare or excite you, such as a theme park ride or an escape room. You'll produce dopamine and experience the same feelings you did during your relationship's honeymoon period. Experts contend that dopamine and other brain chemicals are directly connected to romantic passion, which is why performing a novel activity together could trigger arousal.

Talk about Sex

Many couples engage in sex but never discuss it. They don't discuss sexual frequency, desires, or fulfillment, and as a result, they're missing out on the opportunity to collaborate to create their ideal sex life. 

Sex was created for couples, so it shouldn't be taboo. It's a subject that should be discussed openly and honestly, in length and detail as needed. It is a typical problem in many couples, and it takes time and effort to overcome.

Take one night to chat about what you like and don't like sexually, try new sex moves, and disclose your concealed fantasies. Don't try to be seductive; instead, see what you like and express what you ordinarily resist saying for fear of humiliating yourself or being insensitive.

Also, talk about your bodies. Even if you don't, your partner adores your physique. The more uninhibited spouses are in bed, the more fun and pleasure they can have together. Your partner isn't looking for a perfect body. 

They only care about you. If your significant other has trouble feeling at ease in the bedroom, your encouraging words and actions can go a long way toward improving intimacy.

Derive More Pleasure with Sex Toys

Use masturbating sleeves to arouse yourself before the actual act. Masturbating lets your partner witness you having fun, leading to more intimacy. Allowing your partner to see how and where you want to be touched is a form of vulnerability that promotes intimacy. Masturbation also provides several health benefits, including increasing your mood and releasing pent-up stress, and it's a terrific way to get ready for more sex.

Introducing a sex toy to the mix is similar to bringing in a third party without emotional ties. Wear a remote-controlled sex toy on your date and have your partner control the motions. This strategy can be extended foreplay to get your libidos on the runway before flying to the ninth cloud. 

Many couples love playing with sex toys together, and studies show that couples that play with toys together derive more sexual pleasure. Sex toys can provide variety to the bedroom by providing new types of stimulation. Both parties looking for orgasms can bridge that gap by utilizing them.

About Romantic Adventures

The adult store Romantic Adventures Pearl caters to adventurous couples. We have a wide range of products to help with intimacy and sexual wellness. Romantic Adventures Jackson MS has been in existence since 2001, housed in a unique old building that used to be a roadside motel on a historic roadway but now houses our vast retail operations, which comprise one wing dedicated to female-oriented toys and the other to male-oriented toys.

Romantic Adventures foundress, Tami Rose, says that one of the most enjoyable aspects of her job is traveling and discovering new things to bring back to her consumers. She notes the incredible creativity and passion there is in this industry. 

Tami finds joy in helping others find greater pleasure every day. If you're looking to revitalize your sex life, Romantic Adventures can be of mighty help. Visit their website at or visit a Romantic Adventures store in person to get your groove back.

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