The Latest SEO Content Trends That Are Everywhere in 2022

The Latest SEO Content Trends That Are Everywhere in 2022

Jan 27, 2022, 9:24:19 AM Business

It's clearer than ever that companies and brands must heavily invest in strategic marketing efforts to generate new business. Digital advertisers today spend more than $33 billion per year. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains one of the largest parts of the marketing industry today. Killer content is an SEO must-have right now, and there are some content trends that can help you win big. 

The tips below will help when you're trying to stay out in front of SEO content trends. 

Increased Focus on Voice Search Optimization

Innovating marketing occurs when technology evolves. Many Google searches today take place without a single keystroke. 

About 25% of people around the world now use voice search. Siri, Alexa, and other devices are commonplace and feed people information one question at a time. 

Optimizing for voice search will become increasingly necessary in the near future. 

Mobile SEO Continues to Rise

About 85% of people in the United States are smartphone owners. This is why mobile SEO is one of the most important types of marketing right now. 

Many marketers are going mobile-first with their focus for this reason. Tips for mobile optimization include using geotags, building a speedy, mobile-friendly website, developing an app, and using local SEO keywords. 

Expect Video to Become Increasingly Important

Today, 66% of people use video content as their primary form of information. Content marketers need to invest in video and audio equipment to feed the demand. 

Assess your brand and figure out what kind of video content will get results. It should always serve to inform or entertain. Create SEO-friendly video topics and titles that include itemized numbers and keywords. 

Quality SEO videos answer questions and feature graphics or captions that allow people to follow along on mute. Video content is highly shareable, which can help you get an amazing return on investment (ROI) from every clip that you shoot, edit, and publish.

Keep Adding Evergreen Content

The best content is eternally relevant. Shift your focus to evergreen content so that new followers can binge at their speed. 

Evergreen content brings in organic traffic and can include both short-tail and long-tail keywords. Blog posts that feature evergreen content are still one of the most effective forms of SEO. 

These posts boost Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA), and will grow your traffic and following. This content should also be participatory, so make sure you're responding to comments and asking people to share and subscribe. 

Include rich, professional images with each post, and embed video content whenever possible. 

You can click here for more info on getting the most out of your blog posts and other forms of evergreen content. 

Stay Informed of SEO Content Trends

The tips above will help you out when you want to learn the hottest SEO content trends. These points apply whether you're a marketing expert or novice, and are helpful to people in all industries. 

We're happy to help you whenever you're interested in building your brand. Research our other articles when you'd like more information related to marketing, technology, and so much more. 

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