Top 5 Ways to Brand Your Shop to Attract Walk-in Clients

Top 5 Ways to Brand Your Shop to Attract Walk-in Clients

Jan 24, 2022, 1:14:06 PM Business

Before businesses started doing online marketing and engaging in e-commerce, they depended entirely on walk-in clients. A business owner would open up a physical branch and sit back to wait for clients to walk in and buy their products and services. Even with online trade and marketing, this is still the case for most businesses. Those with physical shops still make a large percentage of their sales from walk-in clients. But what measures are they taking to attract customers to their shops and not the one next door? Let us have a look at some of the ways in which you can brand your shop to lure clients in.

Use of Eye-catching Signage


This works wonders especially for shops that are located in busy locations. Using signage with catchy and attractive phrases to lure clients to your shop is the best way to stand out from your competitors. You can add colorful, flickering lights to enhance the visibility of your signage. Look for led strip suppliers to provide the lights for your signage. 

Make sure that you include an arrow that is pointed to your direction, or rather just make your whole signage a directional one. This will help you attract clients who are looking for new shops or those that are new in town and are looking for your products and services. Once you are able to attract them to your business then you can now work to maintain them for future business.

Serve Food and Drinks


Place a small cafe next to your windows to lure clients to your shop. I don't think there is anyone who doesn't like a free snack or drink especially on a scorching day in the CBD. You do not even have to set up a cafe if you do not have enough space. Just offer a snack or a drink at the reception when a client walks in. A lounging area will also work in your favor as customers will be walking in to catch a breath and in the process they might end up buying something. However, ensure that you have maximum security measures in place so intruders do not come into your shop to disrupt your shoppers.

Discounts and Promotions

It is almost impossible to walk past a shop with a discounts and promotions label. This will attract even a client who was not planning on shopping on that particular day. The idea of buying a product at half the price or even at 20% off is something not many of us can talk ourselves out of. Ensure that you place your discount placards next to windows where they can easily be seen. You can make this a monthly activity so your clients can get accustomed to it and bring their friends to the next sale.

Invite Influencers to Your Store


An influencer will attract people to your shop by simply taking a picture and tagging their location on the photo on different social media platforms. If you do not have the capacity to pay an influencer, then you can simply ask your shoppers to do the same and that will still work in your favor. Ensure that you have WiFi in your store to encourage social engagement over social media. With time, you will notice that more clients will start coming in. 

Go Beyond Just Selling


Nowadays customers prefer working with businesses that offer all-in-one solutions to all their needs. So instead of just selling makeup products, you can also include makeup sessions in your store. One or two makeup artists can do the job for a start and increase the number as you expand your business. You can also offer facials and outfit fittings for clients who require such services. Make your store a one-stop-shop and save your clients those extra trips to other service providers.

For jewelry, in addition to selling, you can include jewelry cleaning and ear piercing in your package. Instead of charging for these services separately, find a way to include them in one package and price them in a way that will make your clients feel like they are receiving the services as a bonus, while in real sense they are paying, but fairly.


Finally, do not just depend on walk-in clients; sharpen your e-commerce skills and attract clients from all over. Especially during these covid times, your business might take a hit if you do not conduct online marketing. Most customers are on these social media sites, and it is easier to lure them even more than walk-in clients. As long as you invest in swift delivery services, then you can sell your products from anywhere. 

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