6 Ways To Maintain Your Lawn

6 Ways To Maintain Your Lawn

Dec 17, 2021, 2:37:28 PM Life and Styles

Lawns are a great way to remind yourself of nature. Living in a concrete or wooden structure can be draining. Having a lawn in your backyard can be very effective. It allows you to step out of your house and take a breather. 

Lawn Maintenance 

Like all things in life, a lawn needs to be maintained properly as well. Having a yard is no good if it's going to end up looking like a bushy forest. A properly maintained lawn can lighten up your mood as well. It will also give a great impression to those who visit your house. 

Lawn maintenance is not that hard, it is comparatively much easier. It is very cost-friendly as well. You can do it by yourself on the weekends or when you have time. For those of you who are not familiar with what to do, we have made a list. The list given below will be all you need to maintain your lawn.

1: Mow Your Lawn

This is one step that we are all too familiar with. Chances are that you have mowed a lawn at least once in your life. Mowing the lawn is perhaps the easiest activity. You can get a lawnmower for cheap and it will do the work for you. Just walk around your lawn in a pattern and let the mower do its trick. If you don’t have time, you can always go the traditional route and hire a kid to do it for you. 

2: Remove Weeds

Weeds are a pain for your lawn. They can prevent growth by blocking essential nutrients from reaching the grassroots. Weeds are very common because they can be transported through several mediums. Flying birds, animals, or even large insects can carry them to your yard. Weeds need to be killed from their roots or they will keep growing back. You can use a low toxicity herbicide for that purpose. Pulling out by hand is also another good method but will only be efficient if the weeds are in small quantities. 

3: Improve Drainage

Yes, water is good for your lawn. But too much water can be harmful as well. Drainage is often neglected by people. This can lead to waterlogging. Lawns can often stay waterlogged for days if proper draining is not done. This can prove to be disastrous for your lawn. There are many ways to improve or create drainage for your lawn. You can build a french drain. A french dragon is essentially a trench that is dug out and filled with gravel, sand, or even a pipe.

4: Aerate

Aeration is the process in which we dig up small holes in the soil to allow for better air circulation. Aeration is an age-old technique. It has been done for centuries and its success explains itself. Aeration helps take out Carbon Dioxide from the soil and allows oxygen to enter it. This can help a lot in making your lawn look much greener and fresh. Your plants and grass will be much healthier since it will be getting a fresh supply of oxygen through the soil into its roots. There are some basic tools that you can buy depending on the size and quality of your lawn. They will make aerating a much easier process.

5: Watering

Watering your lawn is also very important. If you live in a sunny area, your plants can die from dryness and heat. Therefore daily watering of your plants can be very important. We would recommend that you get a pipe fixed to a ball valve in your lawn and use it to water. A trunnion ball valve manufacturer will have just the thing for you. This however will depend on the size of your lawn. A smaller lawn may just need a watering can.

6: Fertilizing

It's no secret that our houses are not built on fertile land. Therefore, lawns need to be fertilized as well. Fertilizers help make our grass and plants much healthier. However, make sure not to over-fertilize. Generally, it is recommended to fertilize your lawn twice a year. A fertilizer with high levels of phosphate and potash is a good choice. Just make sure it is compliant with industry standards and not too toxic.


Owning a lawn can be a very cool thing. A well-kept lawn adds to the spirit of your house and makes it look much more appealing. However, if you do not maintain it and leave it up to fate, it can be a nightmare. So unless you want to provide a home to pesky insects and unwanted animals creatures, we would recommend you to maintain your lawn regularly. The list given above is more than enough to get started on lawn maintenance. At the very least, it will make your lawn look like a part of your house and not a forest.

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