5 Ways to Stay Connected with Friends and Family

5 Ways to Stay Connected with Friends and Family

Oct 28, 2021, 11:06:34 AM Viral

The pandemic changed the way we spend time with those we love. Many people are far from their families and friends and may have not seen their loved ones in a while. With the distance, whether Covid related or because of the miles between you, people are looking for unique ways to stay connected. Here are some ideas to help you stay close to the people you love, even if you’re far apart.   

Send a delivery

Make your friends and family smile through a simple delivery to their doors. Whether you send flowers or set up a special goodie subscription for them, everybody loves receiving special surprises to their home or office. 

You know your friends and family the best. So, whether they would smile with some flowers, or a wine subscription would be the best way to cheer them up, any kind of special gift is bound to make them smile. 

Set up a weekly call

Staying in touch on a weekly basis can help keep you feeling close to your loved ones, despite being far apart. You can do Zoom parties with your circle of friends and make it a virtual happy hour every week. Or you can set aside times to call different friends throughout the week. 

While distance can make it a challenge to be close in person, don’t let it stop you from growing the thriving connections you’ve built throughout the years. Thankfully, technology can help keep you close to your loved ones, regardless of pandemics or distance. 

Write a snail mail letter

Gone are the days of hearing from friends through snail mail letters. With a plethora of communication apps and messaging platforms, we are in continuous back and forth with our friends and family. However, there’s something uniquely appealing about receiving a letter from a friend

Whether you send a care package or a simple hand-written note, snail mail is the perfect way to stay in touch in a way that is thoughtful and unique. 

Watch a movie together online

Do you have a favorite movie you want to watch? A fun thing to do with your friends or loved ones is to have a virtual movie night. It sucks you can’t be together watching a movie like old times with your favorite snacks, but there is something uniquely fun about watching a movie together over a zoom call. It’s an imperfect way to do an activity that has long kept people connected throughout the years. 

Share good news and pictures

It can be easy to talk about the hard stuff but sometimes it’s nice to share the good news. We love to hear it! If you’ve found a great location to live or have recently got a new promotion at your job, celebrate with the people you love. 

We all need to stay connected in these times and sharing in successes is a way to celebrate the joyful times. Sending fun pictures is also a way to share joy, as it shows little moments of your life and allows your loved ones to be present in some way. 

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In Conclusion

From a phone call every now and then to a flower delivery, staying connected is as simple as doing something thoughtful for your friends. 

While social distancing and the pandemic have changed how we stay in touch with our loved ones, many people have found that technology makes it easier. Don’t let the distance between you have you feeling lonely. Connect with your loved with one or more of the tips mentioned above. 

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