3 Ways To Stay In Style With Graphic T-Shirts

3 Ways To Stay In Style With Graphic T-Shirts

Oct 13, 2021, 1:25:30 PM Life and Styles

Generally, shirts have become one of the go-to pieces that you can wear for nearly any occasion. With the right material, they can be very comfortable and gentle on the skin. While plain shirts are regarded as staple wardrobe pieces, having a few graphic t-shirts on hand is a must, especially on some days when you want to mix things up a bit.

Graphic Tees: The Classic

Graphic tees have long been a popular, fashion item. While trends come and go, graphic shirts continue to become iconic tops that have been adored and worn by public figures, celebrities, and influencers. It’s a versatile top that you can pair with your favorite outerwear, bottoms, and footwear.

Because of this, even famous brands and print-on-demand businesses have their twist of classic graphic shirts. For instance, Pixels and other similar shops have a unique range of shirts designed by independent artists.

From logo prints, unique designs, funny characters, and bold colors, you can now look for a tee that you’d love wearing repeatedly or simply choose a playful one that you can add to your wardrobe.

Styling Graphic Tees

Despite their popularity, graphic shirts can be quite tricky to style. This is especially if you’re going to events where you need to follow dress codes or if you’ve simply run out of inspiration. Gladly, there are easy ways to style your graphic shirt to make your outfit appropriate for the occasion or match it with the ensemble you’re going for. 

To show you, consult the guidelines and styling suggestions below.

1. Keep It Sleek And Classy

You might think that graphic t-shirts are only suitable for street fashion and casual wear. However, they aren’t as you can style them using your office blazer and trousers. You can try to wear this combo when you’re going to meet a client, attend conferences, and meetings.


A blazer is a staple, outerwear piece you can wear during corporate gatherings, cold months, or if you simply need to sport a formal attire as you head out. Gladly, graphic shirts can easily be thrown together with this basic outerwear piece.

Opt for a fitted blazer to add structure to your outfit and prevent you from looking lousy. Wear it with your favorite pumps or heeled sandals to complete the girl boss look. If you’re rocking a bold blazer, pair it with a crisp, white graphic tee to tone down your entire outfit.

Moreover, another office-appropriate look is to tuck your graphic shirt onto your trousers. Pair it with your open-toe heels, a few classic jewelry pieces, and a red lip to complete the chic ensemble.

2. Go Laid-Back

Graphic shirts are pieces that you can lean on every time you prefer to sport a relaxed look. During the summer months, you can wear your graphic tee together with your denim jacket, shorts, sneakers, and a cross-body bag. In such cases, you can freely go for oversized outerwear for a laid-back look. Rock this outfit as you run for a quick errand or if you need to go out for coffee.

Alternatively, if you’re going out with your girl friends, you can pair your graphic shirt with a long-lined or a maxi skirt. This combo is perfect during times when you want to express your sweet side or show your personality in your outfit. It’s also a beautiful mix of edgy meets dainty.

On the other hand, wear your graphic t-shirt with your summer essentials. To picture it out, pair your tee with wide-leg jeans and chunky white sneakers for a cool and nonchalant ensemble. All these are certainly perfect for the warm weather.

3. Try Monochromatic

Another way to style up your graphic shirt is to wear it together with your monochromatic suit. The graphic tee and suit pairing have become a trend due to their effortless combination. To tone down the power of your coordinating suit and give it a playful twist, go for a fun and striking tee. There are different ways to define a striking tee. For instance, you can choose a bold logo, bright patterns, and prints. When successful, your shirt will naturally become the attention-grabber.

Regarding your accessories, keep everything simple to allow your shirt to be the highlight of your ensemble. You can go for subtle jewelry or opt for oversized sunglasses. Tie your hair in a messy bun and you’re ready to go.


On the other hand, you can wear a graphic shirt in the same color as your suit. To prevent it from looking boring, look for a tee in a different shade. In this way, you can build depth and visual appeal to your entire ensemble.

Wrapping It Up

Graphic shirts are versatile tops that you can mix and match with both your staple and trendy clothing pieces. Regardless of your style, they’re clothes that you can experiment with and play around especially if you’ve run out of ideas. By following the styling guidelines above, you can have insights on how you can spruce up your graphic tees as how you’ve envisioned.

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