Bridging the Tech-Education Gap with Online BitDegree Courses

Bridging the Tech-Education Gap with Online BitDegree Courses

Sep 21, 2018, 12:56:39 PM Business

Today, the challenges of business mean that tech companies must constantly innovate as well as stay on top of their game just to maintain current market positions. In order to do so consistently, corporations need to rely on the very best hands in the sector, who are competent and versed in the very latest technological, educational and business-driven advancements. In short, they need top-draw tech talent always, just to stay in the game. Staying ahead of the market is a whole new curveball requiring even more expenditure in effort and planning and personnel. This is where you, or rather your alma mater, sadly comes in.

Here’s the problem. You are college educated in a highly competitive tech field, but employers are looking nowhere in your direction. If this sounds familiar, it is because you are amongst thousands of people in the USA and millions in the world, who are college educated in an Information and Communications Technology related discipline, but are currently either unemployed, under employed, or marginally employed. And the reason is really simple.

It is a globally given consensus that educational institutions around the world, especially universities and such other tertiary institutions, are at present still struggling to keep pace with the demands of the high-tech emerging business world. The real dilemma is that majority of training establishments on the planet are still stuck in old modules of curriculum structuring. Due to the high moral responsibility schools must be seen to show in regard to the students under their tutelage, great care must be taken in shaping the prospectus and courses offered in any conscientious institution.

While this is of course laudable, it does not encourage quick adaptability to the constantly evolving technology of the global tech-business place, and the type of graduates required by most firms to meet contemporary challenges. So, while technology is changing, seemingly by the day, schools’ response times are commensurately measured in years if not decades.

BitDegree is the solution to this impasse, that is both timely and effective in turning you, and others in the same quagmire, into credible graduates equipped with the requisite skills and knowledge-base necessary to add meaningfully to the relevant company’s staff strength. And what’s more, hiring executives will cotton onto this immediately.   

BitDegree offers online courses covering a wide range of disciplines and courses strategically aimed at the needs of corporations worldwide today.

At BitDegree the objective is fairly simple: to produce a workforce for today’s tech-businesses. It’s that basic. In order to accomplish this however, great care has been undertaken in critical studies of the dominant business best practices, tech, and development. In fact, while keeping abreast of today, we also keep an eagle eye on the emerging trends of tomorrow, with the result that our graduates are never caught on the wrong side of innovation.

BitDegree courses are as relevant to college graduates who find it necessary to add that extra cutting-edge to their resume, as they are to newbies about to make a start of careers in tech. Courses available include Code Theory, Machine Learning, Web development, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Business, Blockchain courses, Game Development, Programming Languages, Data Science, Graphic Design,  Interactive courses and personal development courses.

There is a range of tuition fee payment options that include BTC and ETH payment models, as well as token scholarships that make available a number of free courses. Students also have the opportunity to earn while they learn using our unique reward system, which is based on a blockchain achievement model.

Expert instructors give you a full hands-on, interactive experience, and educational goals are tracked via the easily verifiable blockchain model.

Tech companies are not left out of the BitDegree formula for success as businesses can take advantage of our portal to design their own courses and attract the right talent to it, additionally tracking students from inception to finish.

Whether you are a graduate in some prior tech course, a beginner learner looking to build credits, or a tech business out to train and attract just the right skill set, our model of interactive, online instruction is spot on to tailor offered courses and resulting graduates to the needs of businesses today.

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