Casual or elegant, the shirt marries linen in the city or on holiday

Casual or elegant, the shirt marries linen in the city or on holiday

Sep 21, 2018, 8:10:54 AM Life and Styles

Looking closely at the male wardrobe, especially when it comes to summer garments, we discover an unusual element that fashion experts indicate with the term 'transversality'. This is a new key to reading the masculine style in terms of clothing, a decidedly informal version that arises in the shadow of contamination and weaving between similar garments, as well as among different garments.

A farsighted example is that of the pair polo and shirt, which have a very similar genetic structure even if they were born as elements with a decidedly distant style.

Shirt and polo shirts: different garments but with a common genetic structure

Shirt and polo shirts have a common origin even if in fact they seem to have been divided at birth to undertake two different ways that today intersect again.

And this is how polo shirts and long-sleeved shirts become the perfect answer to the choices for the city, to be in order at the workplace and guarantee an adequate solution under the jacket.

Today these two garments offer a sea of ​​perfectly interchangeable solutions compared to the past.

Interesting choices for the winter period with warmer and heavier fabrics, but perfect also for the summer period starting from casual choices such as linen shirts.

Different styles and a common fabric: linen

The men's collections offer more and more models made of linen.

The linen is the undisputed king of summer, perfect for dressing in the sign of relaxation, ideal to settle in the suitcase at the departure for the holidays.

We are talking about an extremely fresh fabric even where the mercury column rises strongly.

A fabric that allows a garment like the shirt to be informal, because the linen does not fear the folds and is perfect even if wrinkled.

The linen shirt boasts a sea of ​​declinations in terms of line, cut and colors.

You can easily switch from the splendid plain-colored models, to the nice wide lines or the thin hatching, to the flowered versions.

Easy choice of the model, sober or classic, as it is extremely easy to guarantee the perfect combination with elegant trousers from the classic line or a large and extremely light model, which guarantees the widest movement and does not limit the silhouette, to be worn with ease even outside the pants.

The linen shirt is also perfect with a pair of jeans and even with shorts.

You evaluate the linen shirt to go for lunch or dinner, go out with friends or with your partner, go to work or on a trip.


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