Your Workplace Is Your Diamond Castle

Your Workplace Is Your Diamond Castle

Jul 7, 2017, 11:44:30 AM Business

What is your most favourite thing in the world? You will have millions of answers. Some say I love my family, my child, my parents, some might say my dog, my friends, or my work. Nepotism lies everywhere in every form. People have the most cherished choices and the least ones that are glimpsed. It depends on their degree of love. It can be material or supernatural. I am talking about a thin line between priorities and compulsions. Priority is the process where you have to do things in a given time and you might hate it while you work

When the mountain of precedence arises, you are left with no choice It does not matter whether you like it or not. Doing what you love is vastly different from loving what you do. This is the case in most of the workplaces. People do not love their jobs but do it, as they need the money. Why must you stick to what you do not desire? You will have many opportunities to make way for your goals, but have you ever tried? Are you brave enough to kick off that mental burden of waking up every morning and running off to that place that makes you sick in the stomach? No. Then why are you pushing yourself so much?

Modern organizations have the counselling cabins and performance appraisal forms. They have outdoor activities one-day picnics and they encourage employees to maintain their health. There might be a lot of work pressure but there are sufficient ways to beat the stress. If you have seen the office of search-engines, you would be amazed. It does not look like an office it looks like a colourful park. The office is designed in such a way that the employees do not feel that they are inside the premises of the world's most responsible institute. There are slides and tunnels to go from one floor to the other. People can relax in a sound-proof cabin and even take an afternoon siesta. The food is unbelievably healthy. A vast playground is designed where the authorities as well as the subordinates can have their sea legs back.

Stupendous glass doors and vast circumference area adds to the beauty of the organization. There is a dress code but it is so beautiful that the employees do not feel a minute's disappointment with their attire. Motivational therapy is a continuous process and if there tends to be an excess burden, we have a spa facility. Yes, you heard it right. A spa in the office is all that our lovely women want. A relaxing massage on the body will give you the much-needed boost to make deals worth billions. Such is the beauty of workplace and you will not even think about rushing home at eight.

We need to relax when we design imperative decisions. A cool and calm mind will give you creative ideas then a hectic and restless head rush. Your boss is not your enemy or a two-headed monster but a human with responsibilities. I am not saying all the heads are efficient and disciplined, but you do not need to cut your head's head off now and then with the Photoshop tools. Learn to ignore his anger and try to focus on what you are doing. If you will do the right thing, he will not get a chance to raise his finger. However, if things go out of hand you can always raise your middle finger and run away. This would be the last option though it is not advisable.

I would have a hard time finding people who adore their organizations. I am saying because I have had an experience with this stuff. Problems do arise while you are at job, but that is okay. Having a cardiac arrest at forty is not the solution but a disaster. Try exploring your limitations and slowly erase the boundaries. I am telling you, it will work magic in the end and a miracle is bound to happen at the next step.

Jobs are not your chains but your Cinderella slippers that can create magic in your career. Learn to love what you do and you see you will never have a boring day.

Competing with yourself is more important than competing with your colleagues. Bring out your natural power and you will have that magical castle of success built before you.

Heavy glass doors and erupting deadlines before your laptop should not scare you but should fill you with enormous power. Try to love your work and it will love you back with bonuses.

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