Love wins

“Dog- a man’s best friend. “

The above is a quote, which an umpteen number of people have used across various generations in all parts of the world, several times. However, I find it to be an understatement.  They are not merely a man’s best friend; they are a man’s archangel, in physical form.  

Dogs are not assigned the adjective ‘loyal’ without a reason. They are by far and large the most faithful creatures on the planet.  This has been beautifully portrayed and proven to us in the movie and book, Hachiko, - It’s a true story of a dog named Hachiko, who is remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner which continued for more than nine years after his owner's death. That is just one exemplar of the hundreds and millions of dogs who wait and worry for their owners, until they’re not reunited with them.

Whenever I’m in a bad frame of mind, I seek out dogs’ companionship; because they have a miraculous power to make me smile in a matter of five minutes no matter how much of a horrid mood I would’ve been in. They are my source of inspiration. Why? Because no matter how much they get beaten up, how ruthlessly they’ve been treated, they’re always willing to forget and spread more love and joy.  Just one act of kindness is enough to gain a dog’s trust. And once you gain it, that dog, I can assure you, would give his life up to save yours, always. 

A dog’s love has no bounds; it is unconditional and unlimited. However, that’s no reason for anyone to take it for granted. We should be dogs’ best friend as much as they are ours.  One of the most precious treasures a person can attain in his/her life is a dog’s companionship, so let’s cherish each and every lovable moment we get with dogs.  

Published by Supriya S

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