The fortunate

As ordinary people, I’m sure all of us feel small. Small, not in terms of size, but in terms of value/worth.

I am still a teenager. And as a teenager, I get intimidated by the lives of those who are richer than me and those who are very famous (like celebrities). And many times, I let that intimidation get the better of me. I think most of you can relate to this.

But here is what I am realizing more and more as the days pass by- those who have a lot of fame and money are not necessarily happier and more significant than us. No. Every single life is precious.

I believe there might be times where you must feel like there’s nothing to be happy about or that you will never be able to have an impact on someone else’s life. But both those thoughts are just presumptuous. There’s SO MUCH to be happy about in even in the difficult circumstances each of us face in different manners. Example- health problems, financial instability, family issues etc.

You might also be living a perfectly good and healthy life, but not have the popularity that everyone so often yearn for. Well here’s the thing- popularity is not about everyone knowing you and just looking up to you because of whatever fame and fortune you have gathered or inherited. It is how you use your life; however famous/infamous, rich/poor, healthy/unhealthy you are, to affect and improve those living beings’ lives in whichever small/big way possible. 

What I have noticed is that most people don’t always outrightly ask for help; especially if the favor is a big one. The other living beings (dogs, cats etc) are mute creatures and hence cannot ask for help. Thus, it is upto us humans, to actively engage our conscious minds into not being ignorant about others needs and just always selfishly fulfilling our own.

You can be a miracle worker by impacting and contributing a living being’s life condition to become better. This would automatically make you a celebrity in someone else’s eyes!

Published by Supriya S

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