The good ol' days

The good ol' days

You know how they say that being a child is the best version a human can ever be? Well, I can’t vindicate how true that is more than now, since I’ve recently turned into an adult; and my cognitive skills are more developed than they’ve ever been.

Being a child means that you don’t have to worry much. There are no social norms to conform to. We can do what we want, how we want and people will still laugh and find us to be cute. That’s the specialty of being a child.

Summer times are the best times! Why? Because NO SCHOOL!! The best part about childhood is either going for a vacation with the family or going to summer camps. For me, it was the summer camps. That’s where I met friends exactly my age, participating in activities I loved along with me. Summer camps were the place where I first learnt how to make friends!!!

This once, I remember being dragged to the park by my grandmother on the first day of summer early in the morning when my grandparents went out for a walk. I was so reluctant. But once I was out, hanging from the monkey bar, all my vexation just dissipated. The summer smell was already in the air; and all the other children and I were breathing in every moment of it.

Childhood was the time when we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The ice creams tasted better than ever, the chocolates were equivalent to our treasures, making our families happy and proud of us was our top-most priority, feeling ecstatic to play with friends or even go to the park, and lastly, the pampering received from all the adults.

I believe that no matter how old we become, we should ever lose our inner child. The inner child is the truest form of ourselves that we have!


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