Love is a state of mind!

Love is a state of mind!

I firmly believe ‘love' is a state of mind. No I am not anti romance group of people and I don’t hate people in love. I in fact belong to the opposite, probably die hard romantic group of people. I believe in love stories and I have watched,read,heard & understood every single one of them ever made.

I have been in one and that is exactly why I know that ‘love' is a state of mind.You may or may not agree with me but this is my truth!

Truth no. 1- I am not saying ‘love' is all oxytocin but it’s not forever either.


 Truth no. 2 - It’s exhausting to stay in one state of mind forever. Nobody can. Nobody should. That’s how creativity dies. Love is not forever. You gotta work at it every single day. 


Truth no. 3- The closest you are gonna get to ‘happily ever after' is knowing in your heart that you are willing to work at it every single minute of every single day. That’s what is the truest definition of love.


Truth no. 4- Love comes in many forms and it’s exciting until you have experienced all of its forms. Unfortunately nobody talks about what happens after you have or about what follows. What follows is the search for more. Search for who you are outside of that love. Search for what that love is capable of turning you into.

Stay with me here - If the presence of that love helps you find all these answers or to put it the other way round, if love remains even after you have searched your soul in & out, that’s what is the strongest of all kinds. The one that is commonly misinterpreted as ‘happily ever after’.

Published by Supriya Tiwari

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