My inspirational playlist!

My inspirational playlist!

What’s up trendy people!

I have been studying a lot lately and though still got tons to do, I thought to stop by & share with you what has been helping me get through this (tough) phase.

My inspirational playlist! Yes! I have one of my own.

Do you make these too? I have playlist for almost every occasion and trust me when I say every occasion, I mean even when I am showering😉 for every mood and every 'I don’t feel like doing anything' times. If you are one of those, you would know what I am talking about.

These are the songs you can listen to if you can’t find enough reasons to get out of your bed in the morning, or if you have had trouble clearing your head, when nothing seems to be going right or when you are training yourself through one of those phase in life and yet all you can think about is hogging, laying on couch all day long binge watching Netflix.

Well, that’s not a choice, you will have to get your lazy/disheartened self out there & get on with life because that’s what is the right thing to do & that is what keeps us going! So without much a do,here’s my favourite motivate me songs.

(Disclaimer: I am more into girl power sorta songs so excuse me if I happen to be a little biased)

1) Burn by Joe dee Messina :– This had to be the first on the list because a) it’s one of those numbers that gets you into the adrenaline rush mode b) Its the first song my destiny mother Samantha dedicated to me when I needed that kind of motivation in life. (I will probably introduce her here soon)~

2) Paradise by coldplay : I am a huge coldplay fan (if I haven’t told you already) who isn’t? This definitely is one song I listen to lift up my spirit when everything is not so starry & bright.~

3) Stand back up by sugar land: If you haven’t already listened to this song, do it right now. It will bring you peace & harmony from within. Yes! Its that powerful.~

4)Girls by Miranda Lambert:  Who here is a fan of country songs? I am. I love them. They remind me of where I come from & who I am supposed to be. Listen to this one & it will fill you up with beautiful vibes.~

5) Let it go from Frozen : I know you would have seen this movie but this song,it is more powerful expression of how sometimes I feel so many things at the same time and all I wanna do is let it out!~

6) Ekla chalo re: This song was originally written by the great Rabindra Nath Tagore in Bengali and has been released in many Indian languages since then. This literally means ‘to walk alone’ and I love the one Amitabh bacchan has sung for movie Kahaani. It speaks so much about our strength as a human being that we fail to see sometimes while going through the darkness.~

7) Fight song by Rachel Platten: How can I even finish this list without including this song here. Its by far one of best motivational song. I get goose bumps when I hear it. I even cry sometimes when I am way down. Its beautiful, enlightening & speaks very well of a constant struggle we face within ourselves.~

8) Fix you by coldplay: Another coldplay blockbuster. For the times when the only thing that keeps you going is the little ray of hope in the end. That’s all that you are gonna need because- “lights will guide you home and ignite your bone n I will try to fix you!”~

9) Little things by one direction: Wanna feel good about yourself? This is the song you listen to. And isn’t One direction the greatest band ever? ~

10) Pursuit of happyness: The movie was classic & so is its background music. I love that music, its so fresh,energetic & soulful. You practically feel like a winner when you listen to it. I know I do~ Well that was my top 10 super favorite motivational songs of all times. I hope you enjoy it too and it helps you get through whatever it is that you are struggling with. It’s very important that we feel motivated within ourselves because nobody is gonna get you through it other than you yourself so get set & go listen to these right now!

Have a great weekend you guys ♦

What are your favourite songs in this genre? Do you make this kind of playlist too?

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