5 Reasons to Sponsor a Child

5 Reasons to Sponsor a Child

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It’s 2021. Even with our population and technology booming, there are sectors where we still lack behind. The number of abandoned and parentless children is growing day by day. NGOs like us strive to improve the lives of such children by taking care of their basic needs, health, education, security, etc. You can help and contribute to this cause as well. How? By sponsoring a child.


Sponsoring a child is something you won’t regret, ever. You will be entitled to help someone grow in his/her life. Overall, you will actually change a child’s life altogether. So, let us first understand what Child Sponsorship is and how it works?


What is Child Sponsorship?

Child Sponsorship is a program where it connects an abandoned or parentless child with a compassionate person like you. Through this medium, you can sponsor the child’s basic needs, education, health, security, and infrastructure. As I said, it helps a child to build and develop his/her career from a very early stage.


Now let’s understand why you should invest in someone’s life whom you don’t even know. It’s not about knowing or not knowing, it’s about humanity. A purpose.


Here are five reasons to sponsor a child:


Best opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life

Sponsoring a child is one of the best deeds you can do in your life. It’s like the best investment, an investment to change someone’s life. When you sponsor a child, you fund their basic necessities, their education, and their overall life. If such a deed could bring a smile to someone’s face, it is definitely worth your time and money.


Start small for a greater cause

To sponsor a child, one doesn’t need to be rich. Sponsoring a child is simple and affordable. A child only needs to fulfill his/her basic necessities, education - which should be a basic right, and a mentor to help them grow and nurture their talents. You can be that individual. You can be that mentor. Start small, it’s a treasure for them. Help them grow and you would be surprised how big that sapling will grow to which you once watered.


A strong and personal way to fight and eradicate poverty

As the population of India is increasing, so is poverty. To eradicate this poverty, you can lend your hand to create a significant impact to fight this cause. By sponsoring a child, you are heading towards a future where you are helping a child live a happy and peaceful life. You lead by setting your own example which will indirectly motivate tons of others to join hands in this greater cause.


Experience the change in someone’s life

When you sponsor a child, you play an integral part in a child’s upbringing and overall development. While doing so, you will be able to experience your child’s growth. You will receive regular updates like photos, progress reports, and translated letters of your child. You can, in return, send letters and gifts to surprise the child! This connection lets you establish and experience the change and growth of your sponsored child. 


Empower others to join hands for a better future

When you do a good deed, people start to notice you and your good deeds. They start to notice how, with great determination and grit, you are creating an impact in someone’s life and how grateful one feels towards you! This motivates and empowers them to join hands along with you. Inspiring other people is another good deed you would be doing after sponsoring a child.


The bottom line

Sponsoring a child is not only a boon for someone, it also enlightens you with all the euphoria you receive when you see that child grow and live a life he/she deserves. Our SOS Children’s Villages of India experience such euphorias on a daily basis. We encourage everyone to come forward and help such abandoned and parentless children to build their careers; so that they can reach where they are destined to be!

Published by Surekha Kapoor

Written by Surekha Kapoor

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