Buying a second hand car

Buying a second hand car

Jan 9, 2019, 11:00:27 PM Life and Styles

A few months ago I was without a car.  I was going to buy a brand new car, but I'm glad I didn't.  I bought my baby second hand and I love that thing!

So many people notice and admire my car now as it's pretty striking in it's colour and style.

My son told me I needed to buy a car that suits me, I'm a Mum, yes, but my kids are grown up and it's time for me to enjoy life, even while driving.  He told me I needed a car that says "I aint dead yet"".

My son helped me choose it, he's a mechanic and he told me he'd shoot me if I bought a new SUV (Mum car) or little hatch (Grandma car)......his words!!   I used to have a SUV brand new but it only lasted 9 years.  I looked after it, got it serviced at the dealer, but still, I spent more on it than I initially paid for it.

My car I have now is almost 20 years old but there is a reason it's that old and still goes, it was made well.  My son has taught me a bit about the upkeep of it and I am learning.  I used to fly planes a long time ago and it brings back memories as we had to know how those things worked.  I'm learning how my car works.

It was a challenge and sometimes still is a challenge going back to a stick shift, but trust me, there is more control over what it does.  You don't sit there and wait for it to kick in to turbo, you shift the gears and you get there faster.  I did stall my car reversing down my driveway today, but anyway, who cares I'm still learning and it's easy to work out what is wrong.

I have a new touch screen head unit put in and the next thing is a reverse camera.  Honestly this thing does all the stuff a new car does.

So what I'm saying is, don't immediately think you have to buy a brand new car when your old car dies.   I can honestly tell you that I'm pleasantly surprised at how my new second car has gone so far, I think I am more amazed every time I learn something new about what it can do


Published by Susan Crowe

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