Colour blocking with stripes

Ever wondered how to get an outfit with stripes together so it's both flattering and makes sense?!

Well, first lets start with something simple.  Once you get the hang of it, you can match anything you like with stripes and have it look fabulous.

Lets start with something simple.

First choose the stripes you would like to wear, In this picture it's a jersey dress. 

Next, choose 3 colours that make sense to pair with the stripes.

I chose red, white and blue.  I also sneaked some black in there.

The bag has 4 colours, two of which are the colour of the dress.

I chose red shoes and a blue jacket, I teamed this outfit with some blue sunglasses to give it a fun finish.

Don't match the bag with the shoes.....more on that later....

This next outfit I started with a striped skirt in many colours.

I then added a top with 2 of the colours in the skirt.

I added some nude sandals (nude footwear goes with anything).

Add a purple bag which adds some quirk

Then add a coral jacket which matches the skirt.

As stated above, one thing I have come to realise is that not matching a bag with shoes but with the outfit gives it a more modern edge.  You can be too matchy-matchy and that just looks a bit boring with all the new colour combinations out there.  You need to stand out when you make the effort ladies, you deserve to be admired!!


Thanks for reading, 

Till next blog

Suuze xx

Published by Susan Crowe


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