Packing for a Beach Holiday

Packing for a Beach Holiday

Oct 21, 2016, 8:50:02 PM Life and Styles

Packing for a beach holiday

As you may have seen from my previous blog. I am going on a beach holiday soon.  Well, even sooner, it's tomorrow.  I am flying there so I will go through packing for a flight.  It's only a domestic flight, but still to a much warmer location.   I am going from Melbourne to Maroochydore so I will have to pack for a weather change.  Actually it will be a 20 degrees Celsius I have to layer in the aircraft ( which is a bonus as I will be wearing the heavy stuff when I leave.  I will be wearing a leather jacket, jeans, slip on runners, tank top and long sleeve t-shirt.  It can go into my carry on as I warm up.

Last time I went on a holiday, I spoke  to a friend I met.  He told me that rolling your clothes rather than folding them not only saves room but also ironing.  I'm going to try it.  Though he did say that his case ended up way overweight because he could fit more in there's the downside.  I think though, that you'd struggle to find things if you rolled everything.  You know, the day before you go, you do a quick check (or in my case 3 checks) and you end up unpacking and repacking the whole damn thing!


There's an app for that!

I have found in the past that using a clothing app really does help, but it does involve you taking pictures of everything in your entire wardrobe!  That takes time, but once it's easy!

The app is called 'Stylebook', and it's made my life so much easier, you can virtually pack without even opening your closet!

Then lay everything on the bed, and in it goes.  

Then when you go to pack for home, you have a list of everything you've packed, so you don't leave anything behind.  Unless you're like me and buying clothes while on holiday is a must.


Packing light

I have heard from a reliable source (flight attendant) that you should go by the saying 'if in doubt, leave it out'. Nine times out of ten you will be able to buy it if you really need it at your destination.  

So when I did pack last night... I lined everything up on the bed, made sure it was all there, had my clothes for the flight in  a different spot so I didn't actually pack them.....don't laugh I have done that before.

I was then so tired that I just packed all my stuff on my bed in the case and hoped it would did with room to move!!  Now I am not reopening the case until I get to my destination.  Anything extra I think of will go in my carry on and that's it!


Find out the weather forecast

Of course what you pack will be largely governed by the weather.  I try to get the weather at least 2 weeks in advance so I can start thinking about what to pack early.  That way if you need to buy anything in particular for the trip you can.   AccuWeather is a great app for this, you can check the weather at any destination up to 28 days ahead.  I started planning almost a month ago.  I know its going to be 24-29 Celsius where I am going at all times, so its jeans, tops, dresses, skirts and sandals.  I will also have a washing machine where Im going so this is great as I don't need to pack as much.  2 of everything should do the trick in clothing items......2 skirts, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 t-shirts, 2 long sleeve tops, a few dressy tops.  Shoes are another matter, flip flops or thongs as we call them here, heels, flats, comfy flats to walk in, runners if you are going to the gym.  Having read through this, I'm already thinking of things I can leave out.  Every time I pack I never end up wearing everything I have put in the case and this really frustrates me.


Buying stuff for your trip

Often I find that buying new shoes or a bag for the trip is a big no no.  I know this sounds a bit strange but using what you know works and holds all your stuff and has a history of not breaking on you is a good idea.

I always buy things before I go and nearly did it again this time.  I get a nice bag, and nice new shoes, and don't use them until I go.  I end up with blisters, I have broken a few bags and even a few pairs of shoes within the first couple of days of the trip.  So I end up having to buy new shoes and a new bag almost every time.  Hopefully not this time, unless I see something I really like that I cant get back at home.  Set a budget, as large as you like and save for it.  I have in the past planned what I was going to buy, but I always end up with things I don't use as I can't find the exact item I wanted in the exact colour and I get the next best thing, only to find better back at home.  Sooo, this time if things grab my attention and I like them I will get them within reason.  

My advice is, hold off and save until you get there, then if you can't get what you want  on your holiday, get it when you get back home.


Set up your devices

Always, always, always work out what devices you are taking ahead of time.  If you are taking a phone and tablet, work out what apps you need on both (and what will fit on both).  If you want books to read, download them on your wifi at home before going, this will save you time, space and money.  There is no reason to pack a stack of paperbacks and magazines when you have a tablet.  

I have an ipad mini and it lives in my handbag along with my iphone and ipod.  I use my ipod as an alarm and for music.  My phone for personal things, and my ipad for books and magazines.  I'm purposefully not bringing my work ipad as I want this to be a holiday.  However, there is still mail.........

Also, pack a set of headphones and all your chargers, or at least one of each sort.

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