Relaxed Luxe

Relaxed Luxe

Oct 10, 2016, 9:47:57 PM Life and Styles

Relaxed Luxe

Lately, reading fashion mags, I have noticed a trend.....relaxed luxe....that's all I can think it is.  It seems to be a way of dressing comfortably but extremely stylishly.  I've always found it difficult to pull off.

I'm sure that having a few very good quality items and stringing them together works, but, very good quality items are often very expensive.

In all my shopping experience (and I love to shop), I have found that if you buy some eye catching (yet classic) items when they go on sale, this does work.

Notice the eyecatching (yet flat) shoes........I bought some similar for $60AUD on the weekend, normally retailing for $160AUD, so they are going to be worn everywhere!!  The bag looks very expensive but there is not much to it.  If you research bags like that, get real leather (suede works well and is cheaper).  Go online to your favourite stores.  I got a Chloe Paddington for $250 USD a few weeks ago (yes it's real) on consignment, so that can be a way to go.  Apple watches, you can dress up or down, bands are available on the net, so you only need the basic sports model.

I love this clothing set as it looks great and would be so comfy, often the key to this look is just wearing things you really like.  There is a bit of a colour theme through this set though, so don't go dressing like you got dressed in the dark (I've done that trying to clash patterns) omg disaster, I looked like a clown, I was so embarrassed at work.

Now this set has to be one of my faves, just don't wear it to a BBQ!  The warm pastels give it an up to date yet edgy feel (I love edgy, it's like pushing boundaries in fashion).  It's also quite a boyish look which I often wear.

Published by Susan Crowe

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