rock those legs

rock those legs

Nov 16, 2016, 1:20:32 AM Life and Styles

Rock those legs


This is a trend I never though could work, but it does, bodysuit and shorts.  If the shorts are lose, then team them with heels and a blazer ending at the waist and your are instantly bang on trend.

If you are going to wear a firm fitting short, then make sure you have a loose top, otherwise you will end up looking like and overstuffed sausage.  The blazer and heels still work well, but as long as the shorts aren't too short (you don't want bum cheek showing).  The shorts really do need to be longer than the blazer.

There is one trend I noticed when I was in Noosa, a fitted shirt over neat rolled u denim shorts (not tucked in) teamed with flat gladiator style sandals.  Looks amazing.

Just goes to show, you're never too old to rock those legs!


Published by Susan Crowe

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