The eclectic look

The eclectic look

Nov 8, 2016, 11:26:29 PM Life and Styles

Eclectic Style

Eclectic style is a trend that can often been seen as a mishmash of colours and trends.......many people say it's sort of like getting dressed in the dark.........wrong.

To get an Eclectic look happening, you can't just throw anything on and hope for the best (even Kate Moss can't do that).

So if you're going to mix patterns, keep the same colour tones.  If you're going to mix trends, only put on one item from that trend.......keep things simple.

The skirt is the main trend in this set, and the shoes match in with the trend, all colours are kept in the same palette.

The boots and bag match which tie the fluffy vest and dress in nicely and take it from what could be a disaster to a look with a modern edge.

Lastly, this is an eclectic look for the office.  The dress is clearly corporate, but the boots give a fun look and the jacket screams individuality.

Published by Susan Crowe

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